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Do you have kids? Or do you plan to have some? Then you need to read this.

Of course, sports is good, but only if you do it right. Doing some sports can bring many benefits, both physically and mentally. That's why it's very important for kids to engage in sports activities. But don't forget that kids' bodies are not perfect yet, they are still developing. So you need to know what kind of sports suitable for kids in each age.

For 2-5 Years Old Kids

Physically, 2-5 years old kids are not too strong yet, they are fragile to shock and other impacts. In addition, they are not ready yet to plan a strategy to win a match. Therefore, very simple sports are best for them. Such as running, throwing, kicking, jumping, etc. Kids of this age are naturally like physical activities, they find it enjoyable and fun.

For 6-9 Years Old Kids

Kids of this age are strong enough to do harder sports and are ready for sports that require more complex skills. They can do more than just running and throwing. You can start to teach them cycling and swimming.

For 10-12 Year Old Kids

Kids of this age are ready to learn sports that require more complex skills and are able to understand the strategy of the game. You can start to teach them competitive sports such as football, basketball, etc. Those sports are complex because you have to move many parts of your body to play them and you need to understand the rules and the strategy to win the game. Of course, kids under 10 years old are allowed to practice kicking and throwing balls, but they are not ready yet to play football and basketball as competitive sports.

To avoid injury, for complex sports, you have to make sure that your kids are already mastered the basics. Because sports injury can be traumatized sometimes.

And please make time to do sports with your kids. Because it helps build a stronger bond between you, which is good for their health, and yours.