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Almost every sport will definitely pose a risk of cramping or muscle injury in parts of the body. Cramps and pain usually occur in parts of the body that are used intensely. For example we lift weights, then the one who is often injured is the arm. Likewise with running, the risk of the biggest injury is the leg.

One part of the leg that often happens pain due to running is the soles of the feet. Yes, it happens because of two factors, first because of the internal factors of contraction in the muscles. The second factor is from the outside, for example, there is friction that makes the soles of the feet become injured, causing pain.

This often becomes a barrier for someone to do more training. There are those who are afraid of injury, some are cured because the injury is quite torturous. Well, so that running does not leave a wound, it's good to know how caranys anticipate that the injury will not happen again.

The main important thing that must be considered when running is using the right technique. The reason is, the soles of the feet are the main support in every beat. So, try to run by flattening your feet. Especially beginners, do not immediately run with heel techniques. Because, if you are not used to it, the muscles will get messed up and cause your feet to become sore.

Next, do not forget to also use the right shoes. Right here in the sense of being fit and comfortable to use. Not that it is expensive, but how can it make our feet always good even if they are used for a long time.

Because, if the shoes we use do not match the size of the feet or moisture in the feet, then it can trigger severe friction. Especially if we run far enough, the friction will certainly be more intense so that injury cannot be avoided.

However, as a beginner we should know how much muscle and energy we have. Don't do sports that exceed our abilities. Because, strength can be formed with habits and routines. So, do sports with gradual intensity.