Another pair of my asphalt running shoes have ended my running career. Therefore, looking for running shoes for the new running season, I decided to ask, in general, which companies produce sneakers for running on asphalt.


German manufacturer of sports equipment, founded by Adolf Dassler in 1948. Since then, the company has developed slowly but surely, becoming one of the world's most famous and best-selling brands of sports equipment. Today, the brand is associated not only with shoes, Adidas produces, perhaps, everything that is possible for the world of sports. The Adidas brand is loved by young people and professional athletes. He has a strong position in the football world. Adidas is constantly working to improve the quality of its clothing and footwear, developing new designs, and striving forward. Probably, Adi Dassler would be proud of his company, which remains true to its origins, but at the same time keeps up with the times.


Nike is a world-renowned brand of sportswear and footwear owned by the American company Nike Inc. Initially, Nike products were intended for athletes of traditional disciplines, but over time, the Nike brand began to support other sports, such as skateboarding, BMX or snowboarding. This decision had a very positive impact on the company's image. Today's range from the Nike brand is not only sportswear but also a great alternative for everyday wear. No matter what sport you prefer, whether you are a professional or training for your enjoyment, the Nike brand is the right choice.


The Asics shoe brand was founded in 1949 in Japan and originally operated under the name Onitsuka Co. Ltd. Interestingly, Asics is not just a word, it is an abbreviation of the Latin sentence Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, which means "Healthy spirit of a healthy body." This slogan reflects the philosophy of Kihachir Onitsuka, the company's founder. Today, the Asics brand specializes in the development of advanced-level running shoes, so that both professional athletes and beginners feel great in them. Sneakers from the Asics brand are also known for their innovative design and high-quality workmanship.


JOMA was founded by Fructuoso Lopez in 1965. JOMA started its production of shoes for athletes, and the company's staff was limited to only eight employees. Fifteen years later, JOMA has gained a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of quality sports shoes and uniforms for teams in Spain, and in 1980, after participating in the largest European exhibition of sporting goods ISPO, JOMA products with its consistently high quality begins to conquer foreign markets and gradually becomes known in professional circles of athletes across Europe.


For running fans, Hoka One One is not just a quality brand, but a real icon of the sports world. The company was founded in 2008 in California by renowned marathoner Nicolas Merm. The athlete has long been concerned about the pressure of muscle pressure during training, as marathoners usually experience tremendous strain on muscle tissue and joints during ascents and descents, which leads to rapid fatigue and prevents the full range of the runner. Together with his companion, Jean-Luc Diar, Nicolas has significantly improved the cushioning properties of shoes, combining volume with ease, which was appreciated by five marathoners belonging to the major leagues, who in 2009 underwent a new model. Large-scale production of Hoka One One sneakers began in 2010, and today this brand is the main sponsor of the world's most famous ultra-athletes - Caroline Chaverot, Ludovic Pommeret, Francesca Canepa, Nicolas Martin, Karl Meltzer, etc.


Mizuno is a Japanese brand that specializes in the production of high-tech goods for sports. The company was founded on April 1, 1906, in Osaka by two brothers - Reed and Rihati Mizuno. At first, it was a small shop selling Western sporting goods, but since 1913, the brothers have been developing and selling baseballs and gloves on their own. The company first declared its competitiveness during the Olympic Games in Paris, equipping a team of Japanese participants in branded Mizuno products, and in the late 30's the brand significantly expanded its borders by organizing branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, and Qingdao. Today Mizuno is an iconic figure in the list of the best foreign manufacturers in the field of sports shoes and clothing. Famous sports fans of the brand include such world celebrities as Yanitsa Kostelych, Javier Occupation, Luke Donald, Itiro Suzuki, Patrick Kluivert, and others.

New Balance

New Balance is an American and at the same time the oldest sports brand in the world, engaged in the production of running shoes. The New Balance brand, whose history begins in 1906, has always set itself the task of creating shoes that are perfectly adapted to the foot. This idea first visited the head of a young man named William J. Riley, who wanted to design sneakers that would give a sense of comfort to people who work on their feet all day. New Balance is the only brand in the world that produces shoes of different widths, in addition, it is a brand that offers a comprehensive selection and together with shoes today you can buy clothes and accessories. The New Balance brand is a combination of innovative technologies and original style inspired by American retro. The philosophy of the New Balance brand is simple - "We do not pay the stars for advertising our products, but prefer to invest directly in them so that the quality of New Balance products speaks for itself."


The history of the Puma brand began in 1948 in the small town of Herzogenaurach when Rudolf Dassler broke away from the family business "Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory" and founded his own company - Puma Schuhfabric Rudolf Dassler. Since 1948, Puma has worked exclusively for athletes. This brand was preferred and advertised by footballers: Pele, Eusebio, Maradona, tennis players: Becker and Navratilova. However, by the early 1990s, Puma was on the verge of bankruptcy. People simply considered the brand imitative and indistinct, because there was always a more popular brand owned by Rudolf's brother - Adidas. The new management has set a goal to make the Puma brand the most creative and desirable. To achieve this goal, a team of marketers and brand managers decided to develop a series of shoes and clothing aimed at narrow segments of sports: snowboarders, fans of car racing, fans of running. The Puma brand became the first among sports companies to establish cooperation with famous designers of clothing and footwear. Thanks to collaborations with top musicians Rihanna, The Weekend, the Puma brand has become one of the leaders in the sneaker industry, and a series of sneakers such as Clyde, Disc, or the Fenty collection have become legends around the world.


The Reebok brand - one of the legislators of modern sports running shoes, was founded in 1895 by Joseph William Foster, an athlete from Bolton (England). As a member of the local Primrose Harriers running club, Joseph was well aware that running shoes needed to be improved. The main problem at the time was poor traction of the shoes with the treadmill and a solution was found. Joseph made the first studded running shoes by fitting a few nails to the soles of his old running shoes. It is this simple, but at the same time ingenious solution, allowed to create an entire empire around the Reebok brand, and the brand itself is still a leading expert in the field of athletics clothing and footwear. By the way, the name Reebok is a modification of the word Ridboka (South African species of antelope).


The Saucony brand was founded more than 100 years ago in Pennsylvania. The company began with the production of children's shoes, but by 1910 expanded its range of activities to adults. Until then, the Saucony brand produced and sold 800 pairs of sneakers every day. Today, the Saucony brand is a favorite of those who love reliable and comfortable sneakers. Saucony has focused on the production of technologically advanced running shoes for everyday use and has taken its place in the sports market.

Under Armour

Under Armor is an American sportswear and equipment brand founded by entrepreneur Kevin Planck in 1996. The former student and athlete, who started a business in his grandmother's garage, first sold equipment to student teams, traveling around the country by car and personally contacting the best players and coaches. Currently, Under Armor is the largest manufacturer of high-quality compression thermal clothing, underwear, and sports shoes, created for professional athletes, successfully competing with Nike, Adidas, Puma, and other top brands. Fans of Under Armor include celebrities such as Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, American wrestler and actor Dwayne "Rock" Johnson, as well as the famous hip-hop artist ASAP Rocky.


On Running is a Swiss brand that produces the most avant-garde running shoes. The company was founded in 2010 by a prominent athlete from Switzerland Oliver Bernhard, his friends - David Allemanov and Caspar Coppetti, who from the first days of cooperation decided to create shoes that bring their owner's maximum pleasure from jogging. Sneakers made by the On Running brand are ideal for both long-distance and playing sports, both for running on an asphalt surface and for training on soft or hard ground. In less than ten years, the company has become a leading leader in the field of running shoes, allowing you to achieve incredible athletic heights while maintaining excellent quality sneakers even after 300 kilometers of active use.


Founded in 2007 in Boulder, Colorado, Newton Running is today the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of running shoes for both novice athletes and experienced marathoners. 30% of participants in Ironman triathlon competitions prefer Newton sneakers. Combines very sensitivity with durable materials for three-dimensional training and cushions the heel with abrasion protection. When sewing, lightweight breathable material, anatomically power panels to support the foot, reflective elements are used. Developed and patented by Newton Running specialists, the Action / Reaction technology provides full amortization of the foot and support of the athlete's ankle joint. Newton running shoes are suitable for any distance - from short to ultramarathon.


Merrell is a well-known American brand that produces high-quality shoes, comfortable clothing, and leisure products with its headquarters in Rockford, Michigan. Almost 40 years ago, in Vernal, Utah, Randy Merrell made custom cowboy boots. Initially, Merrell specialized in the manufacture of footwear for hiking and outdoor activities. The founders set themselves a difficult task - to make shoes for tourism with excellent functional characteristics and at an affordable price. Today, the main values ​​for the brand continue to be comfort, durability, design, and versatility. In Merrell shoes, climb Everest and go to the grocery store, and since the shoes are made of the quality and durable materials, you will not need to buy sneakers every year.


French brand, which is part of Decathlon's line of brands. Established in 2004, the Kalenji brand invests its efforts and knowledge in creating quality sportswear and running shoes.


Brooks is a world-famous brand that develops and sells high-tech sports shoes, clothing, and accessories for the most comfortable running at the amateur and professional level. The company was founded in 1914 in the US state of Pennsylvania by a young enthusiast Maurice Goldberg and his wife. Initially, the brand worked on the production of bathing shoes and only in the 30s engaged in the production of special running shoes. Brooks became the first shoe manufacturer to use the technology of making soles from foam rubber, which does not restrict movement and allows you to move much easier. Today, the Brooks brand is one of the most respected and oldest running brands in the world, occupying a leading position among suppliers of sportswear and accessories. The most technological models of Brooks sneakers are used by famous athletes, winners of the World Championships, and the Olympic Games. The American company Brooks addresses its products to every lover of active lifestyle and connoisseur of their health.


In the US market, the Columbia brand is a leader in the sale of sportswear and high-quality sports shoes. The company was founded in 1938 by Paul and Marie Lumfrom, second-wave immigrants who came to America from Germany in the 1930s. Initially, the company was engaged in the trade of hats, which were of such low quality that we had to do more and sewing shirts and simple work clothes. But the real breakthrough was the day when Paul and Marie Gertrude's daughter sewed a fishing jacket with lots of pockets, which appealed to all sailors because of its capacity and brought the first popularity of the mini-factory. Today, Columbia, a multiple official sponsors of the Olympic Games, produces jackets, sweaters, winter boots, T-shirts, pants, and many other products that have won the hearts of others for their versatility, comfort, practicality, and excellent quality. Columbia is a great choice for both professional athletes and travelers, and for conquers the concrete jungle.


The Anta brand was founded in 1991. For many years he was engaged in the design, development, production, and marketing for his own line of sportswear. Ding Shijon, the company's founder, wanted to provide China with products for professionals, including shoes and accessories. However, only 10 years later the company became known. Today, the Chinese company Anta Sports is the third-largest corporation in the world for the production of sportswear and footwear. She calls the main principle of the ability to compete with the world's most famous brands and shows customers that Chinese goods are no longer a "second-class" product.


Skechers is a popular brand from the United States that makes stylish shoes for advanced youth. The brand was founded in the early '90s by American Robert Greenberg and his son Michael. Already in the mid-'90s in Los Angeles opened the first brand store Skechers, which instantly gained popularity among the younger generation, who loves sports and recreation, filled with physical activity and extreme. Currently, Skechers products are sold by sole proprietors in more than a hundred countries, and in Europe, the company produces wholesale supplies of products throughout France, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The main task of the brand is to make shoes of unusual design, fully in line with fashion trends, and the key to the incredible success of the company is a prompt response to all trends in haute couture. Famous fans of the Skechers brand include world-class stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and others.


361 ° is a global brand that produces high-quality sports shoes, clothing, and accessories. The brand was founded in 2003 and currently occupies a leading position in the market of sportswear and footwear in Asia, and in recent years has been actively and successfully advancing to leaders in other continents.


The history of the Arc’teryx outdoor brand began in 1989 when David Lane started his own home business in Vancouver. Lane was a climber and outdoor enthusiast, which was facilitated by the scenery of British Columbia and Vancouver's proximity to the Rockies. Despite the appropriate conditions for climbing, he was upset by the lack of quality equipment. So Dave did the same thing that his predecessors, who faced a similar dilemma - Yvonne Shuinar of Patagonia, Douglas, and Susie Tompkins of The North Face - decided to release the equipment and clothing he lacked. Arc’teryx was acquired by Salomon Group in 2001, and four years later the brand became part of Amer Sports (since 2019, Amer Sports has been owned by the Chinese group Anta Sports).


The American brand Altra was founded in 2009 in Logan, Utah, by two friends - Golden Harper and Brian Bexted, who met at school in the late '90s. From childhood, for friends, the sport was not just entertainment, but a way to express themselves, loudly announcing themselves to the world. As a result of the hard work of friends, the first Altra sneakers were created, which were able to stimulate their running technique and minimize the risk of injuries while running. Currently, the Altra brand, part of the ICON family of fitness brands, has been recognized by Runner’s World magazine as the best debut of the year, proving that the company is on the right track. Altra shoes are designed for those people who get real pleasure from sports and an active lifestyle.


Karrimor - a well-known English manufacturer of professional hiking shoes (sneakers, shoes), clothing, accessories, and sports equipment. The main advantages of the models of this brand are the introduction of innovative developments, specific functional purpose, endurance under active operation. The history of the British company began in 1964 when the founders of the brand Marie Parsons, Charles Parsons, and Grace Davis began handmade-production of bicycle bags. By 1960, the brand was entering the international market, offering audiences bags, backpacks, lines of shoes, and outerwear. The year 1980 was marked by a real breakthrough - Karrimor released the iconic Sports Boots, which were created using not high-quality "oak" leather, but a high-tech material that can withstand temperature changes, moisture, and mechanical shocks. In 2004, the brand became the property of a well-known British retailer and, accordingly, a subsidiary of Lonsdale.

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