My acquaintance with running began back in 2017, going to Katowice at the start of the "Silesia Marathon" (then running a half marathon) could hardly have thought that running, but at the same time the kilometers separating the start and finish will be an interesting adventure. will last for almost 5 years and still have a long way to go before the finish.

As in any story, my passion for running also has its own little prehistory, without which I hardly became interested in it. So let's go back to 2.5 years ago, somewhere in April 2015, when reading another report from the ATO zone (Russian-Ukrainian war) and accordingly, it came to the realization that it's time for you to visit the military registration and enlistment office. And I met my 28th that day on the doorstep of the military registration and enlistment office, passing a medical commission and, accordingly, my favorite doctor - an ophthalmologist, who could open your case and send you home, but it was your birthday that day, so he decided not to read it. however, I did not particularly check my eyesight and accordingly did not notice that I use lenses. That's why I went to the military registration and enlistment office with a vision - 5.5 diopters (you can't see my outstretched hand) and came out with 100% vision (although for all my years of life I had 100% vision only up to 8 years old). Then there were monthly communications courses at the training center in Poltava and service in the 19th separate missile brigade and anti-terrorist operation.

14 months of service passed quite quickly and one morning in July 2016, he put on his military uniform for the last time and the checkpoint door slammed behind you. Because it's time to return to civilian life and office work. But when I returned to the office a few months later, I realized that working in the office was not fun, and since I didn't really understand what I wanted at the time, I decided to change everything drastically. And in August 2017, I packed my things and went to Poland to work as an electrician, the first object I was thrown at then was the Wieczorek coal mine, where the boiler house was being reconstructed. Since there was nothing to do in the evening, he decided to start running and accidentally came across the announcement of the "Silesia Marathon" and decided to take part in it. And in 2018, returning to Poland, I decided to take part in the Warsaw Half Marathon, and later I was sent to the Netherlands and Belgium for the SeaMade project (wind farms in the North Sea), where Antwerp 10 Miles and Leiden Marathon and with each start, the passion for running became stronger. And after a year of running, he decided to return to Ukraine, and at the same time to the office, which was able to pay more attention to running.

For some reason I really liked running, so that my passion would not fade over time, I decided to make a blog for him, in addition, at that time I had a domain saw (bought it in 2015 for a resume), so I decided to post a blog on it, at the same time to master a new direction for yourself, such as website promotion and to observe what will be interesting from this idea.

I didn't have to think about what to write in the blog for a long time and decided to focus on my impressions of the starts I managed to run and at the same time make selections of different starts, countries where I manage to run, and then added books and movies. about running and running applications. It would be interesting to develop a blog decided to try to monetize it, and at the same time look for interesting methods of monetizing content.

While looking for interesting methods of monetizing content, I stumbled upon the Steemit project, which is implemented on Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies and was a kind of analog of Facebook. The concept proposed by the founders of Steemit (Ned Scott and Daniel Larimer) seemed quite interesting to me at the time, so I decided to take a closer look at it and its possibilities. But somewhere (if memory serves) at the end of 2019 - early 2020, the corporation "Tron" under rather interesting circumstances absorbs "Steemit", this event is not very popular with the community "Steemit" - the corresponding reaction to which is the creation of "Hive" ”And the transition of all users to the new site. As for "Steemit", it is slowly fading.

If I was interested in how Steemit could help develop a blog, then when I switched to Hive, I was more interested in another question, namely how blockchain technology can help running enthusiasts and what are its advantages over others. social networks.

My own observations:

Observing 2020 - 2021 on other social networks (Facebook, Instagram) came to the realization that the community of runners (cyclists) is one of the most active in them. Because when you run a workout or go to a competition, you want to share it (that's how it worked and it works) and runners, cyclists create most of the activities, but in return, they give only one thing - likes, but unfortunately they do not sell starts. So I became interested in "Hive" and the fact that it has mechanisms to reduce the financial burden for running enthusiasts and, accordingly, allow them to run the starts they want and not those that allow them their financial situation.

So sometime in 2020, I began to see the idea of ​​launching my own project based on the blockchain "Hive", as I already got acquainted with such applications as Ecency and Actifit (how to turn your workouts into starts, read here) and accordingly began to emerge little by little a picture of what the Hive blockchain has to offer for running enthusiasts. On the future concept of the project Hobo.Run and, accordingly, on the fact that as a result, it will be my 2020 and partly 2021. In the middle of 2021, I decided that it was time to try to implement it and at the same time see what could be interesting, because otherwise sooner or later these thoughts will just drive me crazy. Since I didn't have enough money to implement the ideal option, I decided to think about which element to start with. Just then I had to fly to Croatia for another race, and since there was a transfer, I decided to try to buy tickets through the service, rather than buying them through the sites of various airlines. I liked the concept of the service, namely the user buys tickets on the site, and the service buys them from the airlines and accordingly checks the user. Thus, in the autumn of 2021, the implementation of the first stage of the Hobo.Run project began, namely sites where various running (bicycle) starts will be collected, which can be purchased for hive cryptocurrency (received as a reward for training in the ecosystem).

How the Hobo.Run service will work:

The user publishes his training with Ecency or Actifit, as a result, he receives a reward in the cryptocurrency hive, which would then not go to the cryptocurrency exchange service, pass verification, then exchange hive for fiat, and fiat already throw at the card. The current concept of the Hobo.Run service will look like this, if a user with a hive (using only the ecosystem (as an example of Ecency)) can immediately buy a registration for it on the Hobo.Run service and the service itself buy a registration for the race, and the participant is sent a registration letter and its start number (if it is assigned during registration).