Name: “80/20 Running. Run stronger and race faster by training slower ”

Author: Matt Fitzgerald

Genre: non-fiction, sports


Most amateur runners train incorrectly. Matt Fitzgerald shows how elite runners train, why they do it, and why you need to train slower to run faster.

While this may seem contradictory, to become a faster runner, you need to run slowly most of the time. The key difference between runners who have reached their potential and those who have not is slow running. Modern research on the world's best runners - the first studies to show how the best runners train - has shown that they spend about 80% of their training time at low intensity, below the respiratory threshold. New research has also shown that amateurs who compete faster when they train mostly slowly.

"Running according to the 80/20 rule" is an approach to the training process: 80 percent of the training time should be run with light intensity, and the rest - with medium and high. Matt Fitzgerald provides compelling evidence that this approach works, and offers practical tips to help you follow the 80/20 rule and make your training plan. The book contains three-level training plans for distances of 5, 10 kilometers, half marathon, and marathon

In addition, you can learn from the book:

  • How to "run according to the 80/20 rule" improves physical shape and technique
  • How to control the intensity during training, to be in the right zone
  • What trainings (fartlek, tempo, easy, long, interval and others) for what are necessary