Everyone comes into the world of running for different reasons and different motivations for themselves. Back in 2017, when I started my acquaintance with this interesting world, there was no special motivation for it, then I wanted to somehow diversify my weekdays. At that time I could not even imagine that running would become my favorite hobby in recent years and, quite interestingly enough. During the time I enjoy running, I managed to attend many different running starts where I met a different number of participants with different motivations. I chose for myself, so to speak, four main types of motivation that motivate amateur runners to run, so let's talk about these motivations in more detail.

Running for a good mood

We can say that this is one of the most common motivations for running enthusiasts. The main purpose of such jogs is to distract from everyday problems, work, and diversify your everyday life and get new experiences. They run short distances several times a week.

Running for weight loss

This motivation for runners is more interesting than the previous one, as they run not only for new experiences but also with the help of running they want to change their lives and themselves. Their passion for running mainly begins with the goal of losing a few extra pounds. This motivation is interesting because it can achieve quite good results in running.


The same motivation is quite common, as due to membership in the club running becomes more interesting and you can learn more about this sport. Also, membership in the club is more motivating to run, and in preparation for running, competitions allow you to make fewer mistakes, as you can always be prompted by the right decision coach or more experienced teammates.

Runner for a good man

Such runners can be found quite often in various city races. They have combined their passion for running with charity, and with the help of running, they raise funds for the treatment of various serious diseases.