Running events in the early fall gradually began to saturate my weekend, of course, not the start that was scheduled for early 2020. The end of August and September turned out to be quite fruitful, as we managed to attend two trail races ("Race to Pirogovo" and "Trail over Russia") and a road half marathon ("Lutsk Half Marathon").

He decided to end his running September with a race, which only this year added to the calendar of Ukrainian ten-kilometer races - the "Cherkasy Ten Run". In addition, a dozen in Cherkasy, not surprisingly for me, became the second ten-kilometer road race I visited in Ukraine during the time I was running. The first highway ten was last year's race - "Chervonohrad Ten Run".


It was possible to register for the Cherkasy Ten race through the website, where you had to enter your contact details, after which those wishing to take part in the race were assigned a starting number. Registration for the race "Cherkasy Ten" was free (conditionally, as the organization of the race was still spent money).

The "Cherkasy Ten Run" consisted of only one ten-kilometer distance. Its route consisted of one circle and ran along the central boulevard of Cherkasy.


I visited Cherkasy on Friday evening, where I was met at the station by Serhiy, with whom we won the "Crown of Polish Half Marathons" last year. In addition, we have not seen each other for almost a year since the last start, where we met was a half marathon in Krakow in October 2019. That's why the evening before the "Cherkasy Ten" was quite interesting for conversations on various running topics.

The beginning of Saturday morning began with a trip to the starting town of the race, which would get your starting number to participate in the race. The main part of Saturday's running holiday in Cherkasy, namely the start of the Cherkasy Ten race, started at 10 am in front of the Cherkasy City Council building.

There were a lot of people willing to run 10 kilometers along Cherkasy Street on Saturday morning. The first edition of the Cherkasy Ten race gathered up to half a thousand participants, which could not help but rejoice, as every year the number of "runners" for whom the streets and towns of Ukraine are blocked on weekends becomes more and more.

After the participants gathered in the starting corridor and the starting countdown was over, my acquaintance with the race began. The Cherkasy Ten for me started fast enough, especially the first 3 miles of the race.

The second part of the race was slower than the first, especially for the 5th and 6th miles of the race, as in the end, he started to give up a little. The route of the race "Cherkasy Ten Run" turned out to be comfortable for running, as it passed through the plain. The participants of the race were protected from the sun by the crowns of trees that grew along the boulevard.


The "Cherkasy Ten Run" n race was very well organized and left positive impressions at the finish. The route of the race was completely blocked by foreign vehicles, so participants could comfortably cover the distance and enjoy running. One thing I did not meet on the route of the race is the hydration point, although for races the distance of ten kilometers should be one hydration point.