Today after the soccer match of SC Paderborn 07 against FC Ingolstadt 04 I went for a walk. Of course I always have my new camera with me for such a moment. Which I used this autumn? I used the weather. Actually I wanted to record some nice autumn moments, but due to the current weather conditions (07.10.2018 - 24° Celsius) this didn't happen. The weather was simply great and it was really fun to go through the woods and roads / parks.

At the beginning I took a field path bordering a forest. From there I went uphill to get a better overview of the fields and cities. Also a panorama motive is better at a higher position. In the distance one could see the countless wind turbines.

Further it went for me into direction forest where it became a little bit colder then. But with the general warmth today still completely bearable. And of course it is also warm when hiking. A few interesting views I did in the middle of the forest.

After a good three-quarters of an hour through the forest I arrived at the end, where you could see even more clearly what the last storms in the woods have done.

After the walk through the forest we went to the local public park, where there was a lot going on. Of course, you should enjoy it in this weather. In the park there is a facility where water is sprayed on. This should be especially good for the lungs if you stand in front of the facility and inhale the sprayed water.

When I was booted through the park and just found a suitable motif, a little dog came along very friendly. With a questioning look he probably thought what this strange uncle was doing, but looks interesting.

Further on in the park I saw some older gentlemen brooding at the chessboard. A chess board in large format is then, I think, once again different than the board game.

But the park also has other animals to offer. A small pond with ducks. There is a spring in the water. The pond borders on the old castle ruin.

I hope you like the photos. An exciting walk with a few great motifs was made today. I'm happy, if the weather is nice it will be a successful end of the week.

Wish you a great start into the coming week!