Running is a sport that is simple, inexpensive, and easy to do. People usually run in the morning or evening. What about running during the day? What are the benefits of running during the day? well, we will review the danger of running during the day for health, which you should know.

Many people use running sports to lose weight because this method is considered not difficult to do. But apparently, running must also be done in the right way.

How to Properly Run in the Daytime

Use running shoes. Never use sandals to run. It is at risk of causing injury, heavy feet, and cramps.

Choose the right clothes. Many people run using hot clothes to produce more sweat. This is the wrong way. Wear clothes that effectively absorb sweat and are also comfortable for you.

In order not to get tired easily, just run half a foot like tiptoe.

Breathe in the right way to practice breathing and heart. Breathe just by using your nose. Inhale for 3 seconds then remove, breathe again and then remove it.

Run for 45 minutes. Do it every day. This is so you get used to it. The first time may feel heavy, if you are not strong then run as hard as you can and add the duration of running over time until you can keep running for 45 minutes. Do it according to ability, 3 to 4 runs a week is good.

After running, straighten your legs and drink 2 cups of water. Furthermore, if the sweat is not out, please continue with a shower.

No need to rush when running because you are not in a race. Do it at normal speed, enjoy, and see the results.

What about running during the day?

Running does not always have a positive impact. Many people consider sweating as the main thing to lose weight. In addition, when running, the assumption is that the harder the body works, the stronger the body's resistance.

It turned out that it was quite dangerous to do !!!!

Observe changes in your body while exercising. At that time your body temperature will increase and you will feel the body heat. Naturally, the body's system works so that the body is always in normal condition. In other words, when the body temperature rises, the system will perform a function to keep the body temperature normal. Body heat will be absorbed and the process of evaporation of sweat keeps the body temperature normal.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to whether the sweat really reduces your weight? Temporary weight loss occurs when the body loses fluid, so when you drink, your weight will return to normal.

Weight loss

The actual reduction in body weight is when calories burn. And what needs to be done is to exercise in the right way.

Some people run by using jackets to sweat more. Using a jacket will make the evaporation process sweat so that it will be more susceptible to heat stroke. In addition, there is also a risk of dehydration due to too much body fluids. Its characteristics are dizziness, dizzy eyes, cold hands, even fainting.

Exercising is good, but do it the right way. According to some doctors, it's okay to run during the day as long as you don't force yourself because someone's free time is different. In addition to exercise, of course you also have to get used to consuming healthy foods.