Today I practiced running from the government into the hills! 

What's up, SCORUM crew? 

In today's Marathon Blog update I'd like to talk about incorporating "hill days" into a running/training regimen, and also give a big shout out to @VivaUltra, whose awesome POST inspired me to pay more attention to the types of courses I am choosing to run in training. I go into more detail in the video below.

I definitely noticed some difference in my mile times and also in the feel of my body as I tackled some foothills by my house today. Not only was it a nice little challenge, but running through the cool forest was a real breath of fresh air as well, both figuratively and literally!

Finally, if you would like to help me on my journey to Shizuoka... 

and receive a little something in return (see video), you can donate BTC to the following address. Be sure to let me know in the comments so I can give credit where credit is due! I am going to think up some creative ways to show my appreciation for the support.

BTC donation for signup, shoes, and travel: 13xGhZ2CPPJsShGpBke1jrcJ4FpfDkKzuo

Thanks for watching/reading, guys, and keep kicking ass!


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