A post-typhoon run today. Really mild effects here in Niigata, thankfully.

Happy October, SCORUM runners! 

Today is October 1st, and as such signups for the 2019 Shizuoka Marathon are just around the corner! October 4th, to be exact! I'm excited about signing up and locking in on this goal!

"Super Typhoon" Trami passed directly through the Japan archipelago yesterday night and today. Luckily my city was not really affected at all. Just some blowing wind and a little rain. To be honest, I was mentally prepping myself for quite an adrenaline pumping, "exciting" time, but I'm glad that no one was hurt and no damage was done here. Japan has had enough typhoons and weather disasters--along with earthquakes--this year, already.

Promoting SCORUM on various social media

I made a short YouTube video today, as well as a post on Twitter and Facebook advertising my blog here, and SCORUM in general. I usually don't do this because I don't want to attract too many "get rich quick"-type users, that won't really give a shit about the community, etc, but at the same time think that blogging here about running is neat, and as such, felt compelled to link it up!

Here's the short YouTube vid:

Aside from this video I have announced that I will be migrating and moving my running blog here, from Steemit. I enjoy the simplicity this platform is providing me, and how it allows me to focus specifically and exclusively on all things connected to my journey and experience as a runner. While I blog/have blogged about a smorgasbord of topics on Steem, I think it will be nice to keep my dedicated running and marathon blogs here on SCORUM.

Thanks for stopping by. If you are a runner here on SCORUM and would like to network, do let me know. I am hoping that the running community here will grow and become robust and active.


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