10 mile run yesterday!

Quantum mechanics and physics are telling us now that reality is a "simulation," and that this existence is malleable, pixelated, and like a game.

That's interesting food for thought. Imagine that we were all once connected, but in order for to real love to exist, it would have to be chosen voluntarily, in the absence of the full knowledge we once had. For, if love were a given, and all knowledge was already had, what would it mean to "love" at all? As such, the ocean fractures into droplets and falls to earth, and now here we are--droplets in the simulation trying to remember our identity as the ocean one and the same with each other, yet uniquely individuated as well.

I know the above may sound quite "far out," and I can assure you no chemical "enhancers" were consumed prior to writing this post :) Still, all this and more was running through my mind as I was running through the streets of quaint small towns and vast expanses of farmland on my run yesterday. It was a beautiful day to be out, running 10 miles through the "simulation," so real that it actually is real.

I have struggled with depression and obsessive-compulsive tendencies for a long while now. Running helps me to overcome these.

I've made a lot of progress in the past decade as far as "rewiring" my mind goes, and can assure you that neuroplasticity is a real thing. Science has proven it. I have felt it and manipulated the plasticity of my brain and mind in my own life for positive purposes. So much of the shame I was raised in, and religious and political indoctrination, has now been brought forth into my consciousness, and I have reprogrammed and erased some of it. Running really helps me with this. In order for the mind to detoxify, and really create new and helpful pathways, the body must be active as well.

A lot of folks want "world peace," but this is only achieved at all by finding peace within oneself.

Finding my own peace through running (indeed, running through the various backstreets, towns, fields, and interesting places all around is like taking a journey and running through the various "landscapes" of one's mind) has helped me immensely. And I cannot explain it. For me, something unravels when I get out there. Endorphins and chemicals start to flow, I can observe the minutiae of daily life unfolding and carrying on all around me, and my body begins to process and burn off toxic materials inside. I can breathe in the fresh air, listen to the ambient music, and finally find some space, inside. I begin to feel...good.

I run for peace. Not something stupidly presumptuous like "world peace." But you know what? When individuals find their own peace, one by one, the world becomes more peaceful in direct proportion, by default. So maybe it's not so silly after all.

Enjoy the ambient church, fellow runners, and long-live the beautiful simulation! 


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