With a 38,000 runner capacity, you'd think there'd be room left signing up this early (the race is in March), but you'd be wrong. I've completed the application for the 2019 Tokyo Marathon and am pretty sure all my ducks are in a row, but upon submission, was made aware that the maximum number of applications has been exceeded, so they're going to be choosing who gets to run via lottery. Hmmm. I have a good chance, I think, as I can't imagine the 38,000 runner limit was exceeded by that much, application-wise, but who knows. 

The email I received told me I would know before the end of September. I'm looking forward to getting that email, because knowing that you're all locked in on a race makes me feel that much more excited and resolute. Fall is a beautiful time to train, and I'm looking forward to having something to train for.

Cross your fingers for me, and wish me luck ;)