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Mumbai Marathon 2019: These 6 foods are used as an energy booster in the marathon
Energy Booster in Marathon Ø You need a good diet to become a good runner. Ø Without this, no one can win the marathon or race competition. Ø If the diet is right then you will be able to achieve your goal effectively. The Mumbai Marathon 2019 is being launched once again in Maharashtra's Capital Mumbai, in which participants from every corner of the country are joining. Not only this but in this marathon, you will also be seen more than one celebrity. The runners running in the Mumbai Marathon can be quite exciting. Diet is very important as well as fitness for the runners who come for running. It is very important to win any marathon. However, when you are running you have a purpose. However, many times people are confused about what to eat and what to eat before running. Many times, unknowingly, they eat something like this in the energy of your energy so that you fill the stomach very much and you start having difficulties running. The right diet can help you to run well. You should make sure that your diet contains all the nutrients that are essential for running. You need a good diet to become a good runner. Without this, no one can win the marathon or race competition. If your diet is right then you will be able to achieve your goal effectively. Here we are telling you about 6 such drafts which are necessary for a runner. From these food marathon training to the energy booster work in the marathon competition. Energy Booster in Marathon Energy booster food Banana If you need a high-carbon booster before the afternoon race, you can not ignore the banana. This fruit contains a healthy dose of potassium (about 400 mg). It is especially important for a long-distance run or hot temperatures when you are most likely to sweat, precious minerals get out of your body. Potassium (as well as other minerals like sodium, magnesium, and chloride) compensate for this loss and reduce your blood pressure at the same time. Oats Oats can be a very good breakfast for you when you are going for running again. You can eat its oatmeal. It gives you many carbs and is high in fiber. In addition, oats (oats) are a low glycemic index. This means they make your blood glucose levels rise gradually, give you energy for a long time and keep you feeling full for a long time. Besides, do you know that a healthy adult should get about 50% of its total energy from carbohydrate? So you can eat oats. Peanut butter Here, we are talking about a pure peanut butter which does not have anything like sugar, salt or oil. This is a good source of vitamin E, which is probably the most effective antioxidant between vitamins. Although it is true that peanut contains very high fat, it mainly consists of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These can help to reduce cholesterol levels in your blood. Apart from this, they are important to strengthen your immune system, speed up your running speed and prevent injuries. Peanut butter also contains a good amount of protein and thus helps your muscles grow. Put peanut butter on the whole grain toast with banana slices. It is also good for breakfast with some slices of apples. Marathon Broccoli This green vegetable is full of Vitamin C. According to the studies, it can help to reduce the risk of acute muscle after a severe workout or even stop muscle pain and swelling. Broccoli is also a good source of calcium, folic acid, and vitamin, which strengthens our bones. It is believed that the taste of broccoli is very good with salmon or lean beef. Curd Yogurt is the perfect combination of carbohydrate and protein. Its biological value is approximately 85%, which means that there is a high percentage of essential amino acids (which can not be synthesized by the body and therefore should be obtained through food). After running, it is the best formula to recover. It protects your muscles. The calcium contained within makes your bones strong. An additional benefit of curd is that it contains live lactic acid bacteria (probiotics). It is important for everyone, not just the runner. Dark chocolate As a hard runner, you are allowed to treat yourself at once. Dark chocolate can reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Also, flavonols (secondary metabolite) help in reducing inflammation. What is the best thing about dark chocolate (besides flavor)? It keeps you in a good mood. Eating dark chocolate with a handful of nuts can save you from losing.

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