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Running sneakers for spring: I need it!
Spring has arrived and with it the running season ! I feel a sense of guilt that eat me up every time I look my old sneakers, which are gathering dust without doing anything. So, in these days I usually have to choose the sneakers for the new season. I have evaluated the top 2 (just my opinion) most stylish and/or comfortable new running shoes. For those who are just planning to get on the path of a healthy lifestyle and start running out of the house before work or go jogging in the evening - the choice of right shoes could be a good start. Let's see what the market for sports shoes is ready to offer us. Do not forget that sneakers, which are ideal for one runner, may not fit the other. If you have flat feet, just good cushioning may not be enough. In this case, need a rigid fixation of the heel. Do not forget to mention the features of your feet when you contact a store consultant for help. Adidas Ultraboost 19 First shoes I tried on are the Adidas Ultraboost 19: Adidas brand made sneakers with very good cushioning, and this is one of the key factors when choosing shoes for running. I like their design, but it would be fair to say that this is a rather neutral option if you do not look closely at the details. The top of the model is made using the technology of motion weave, which allows the material to stretch, adapting to the individual characteristics of the structure of the foot: so they fitted very snug, the upper broke in nicely way and the fit is superb. The midsole is made up of 20% more "Boost" than the predecessor, so the on foot comfort is amazing. As I said I personally love the look of this shoes with core black color. Furthermore I like the new 3D heel cup “wire” design at the back. Unfortunately I don't like the price : more or less £150. Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 These sneakers are without laces and very light. They adopts the Nike React technology: a special foam that guarantees durability and excellent shock absorption. The foam reacts to each step of the runner, returning to its original state. This makes jogging more comfortable. Thanks to the unusual designs and colors, these sneakers will look great not only for jogging, but also in everyday life. You can combine it with jeans for example, and even with coats and dresses. The Model is unisex. They stays nice and tight too. I feel better with this shoes and I can use it even during my work cause I spend a lot of time remain standing. The price is more or less the same of the Adidas UB19, so I am looking for an offer on some web marketplace!