Running / runing

Running, is it really that simple?
A week ago we got up from the couch (link here), today we will try to leave the house and ... start running. Is running for everyone? Certainly the person subject to injuries of the lower extremities eg.: heel spur or inflammation of the plantar fascia m they must stop their workouts. These complaints generally affect people who have already started their adventure with running. Most often they are runners with a BMI mass above 25. While overweight movement, and even the start of fastwalking and the introduction of a faster blunt is indicated, so obesity is a contraindication to running. Too much strain on the hip, knee and ankle joints can result in severe injuries. Their long treatment can effectively disrupt the process of losing weight and discourage further activities. People with myocardial infarction or myocardial necrosis, caused by coronary artery ischemia, which bring blood to the heart, should definitely resign from this sport. All the above cases have their own deviations and more or less strict rules, and the start of any activity should be consulted with a doctor. If you do not notice contraindications to your running, in addition to ... chronic laziness, we can put on shoes and start. Exactly. Shoes. It's so important, and we often forget about it. Footwear matched to the foot increases the comfort of exercise but also protects the foot by cushioning the rest of the body. If we are going to run on asphalt then we have to choose shoes with flat tread and noticeable cushioning. However, if you have a soft forest floor at your disposal, which already provides cushioning, you can stock up on aggressive tread shoes with a large number of tabs and less cushioning. In order not to get crazy at the beginning, it's important to not run in the flaps, when running can be known as an endorphine sport, you will buy shoes on every floor. Will I become a marathoner right away ?? This is a very absurd question. Set yourself a smaller goal that is easier to implement. Do not start from running !! I was not crazy. If you have never run, your beginning should be walking and marching. If on the first day you run, you will overload your body and take the joy of exercising. The gradual increase in blunt and distance is so obvious but also a good way to start and not be discouraged after the first event. Although you do not start a marathon, you should take care of the correct technique. This will help you achieve greater distances and speeds. And running alone will be a pleasure, not compulsion. Always look ahead and try to breathe evenly in your rhythm. Always put your foot on the ground on the mid-foot, in turn turns over to your fingers and bounce vigorously from the ground forward. Raising your knees and arm movements parallel to the direction of the run will allow you to control the balance and start more muscles. And the most important! Every activity to bring results must co-exist with the appropriate diet, and the activity itself must begin with warm-up. In order to improve the appearance of the body, we must take care of it from the inside and not expose it to too much sudden load. But about warming up another time. Now just vacuum your sneakers and start running! Thanks for reading, btw. sorry for my english, I'm still in progress.