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My Top Hip Hop classics for Running...
Few months ago, during summer time, I decided that, it is finally time to start exercising, because I was really overweight. My day job nailed me for chair 8-10 hours per day, also driving to work and back requires about and hour of sitting in a car, and at home, well, you know. Open a laptop, still sitting, go to toilet, still sitting, watching a game, also sitting, and so on. The important thing also is that I quite smoking, and started to eat a lot more, because I get nervous when I don’t smoke. Before I can realize, I gained 25 kg in just few months. My belly was like balloon. Fat everywhere, even on some places on my body where I couldn’t believe that I can get it. Situation was more than alarming. I was aware of a fact that my body is unhealthy. From a skinny guy, to Homer Simpson in a few months. I love sports and to play soccer, I’m playing it few times a week. But, with this fat on my body, I couldn’t run, I couldn’t breath, so I couldn’t play. So running, few times a week wasn’t enough. I decided to do it five times a week, with free weekends. But for my running to take effect, I need to reduce food and eat more healthy food with lots of vegetables and fruits. I’m not a fan of weight lifting or some extreme exercising. I prefer running. But, to pull out maximum from me, I needed to give maximum effort, in order to lose weight. Lot of people, just quit, because they lose motivation after few weeks. They found exercising or running boring. Yes, it is boring in a gym, but outside is totally different story. I also found some friends to compete with, on weekly level, which performance was best. We use Sports Tracker App. It is very useful. You need to keep your mind busy with other things, to drive your thoughts from pain and a fact that you want to die after 5 km of running. At a first, I wanted to go home after first. But, little by little, I make my running plan, with distance and tempo increase each week. Like small milestones. The most important thing to gain and regain motivation is results. To achieve maximum results, you need to shift your thoughts as I said, and I do it with music. The music, which makes me move. The music with groove. The music which lifts me up and push me to drain last atom of my strength. The music, which makes me sweat my ass. And I don’t talk about today's trash music, mumble rap or commercial crap. I talk about real G’s classics, about the hip hop basics, so I present you, my top rap playlist: Any suggestion is appreciated, any song recommendation also is desirable, want to expand my list :) P.S. I have loss almost 20 kg in 10 weeks, just to mention... Cheers, Realhus