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Endurance: Training for the uphill Athlete
The new book of Steve House, Scott Johnston and Kilian Jornet. A manual for mountain runners and ski mountaineers. I must say it is a horrific book. It doesn't look over facts and skip non scientific based approaches. This literature is not a parrot repeating research results, but proposing tried and tested formulas. Very often we hear coaches saying:This is the best and only way to trainIf you didn't do this, you won't reach thisSpeed builds speedSpecificity is key to successHIIT training is the mother of all These are not reality ! Here, the two most important and most emphasised facets are building a base and widening it through out a lifetime. Second is individuality. There are athletes having that much economy in their stride, that one single training session of higher than usual intensity every 10th day would stimulate them to win gold ! Others might need a careful 80/20 approach to reach their potential for a decade. Sick, overweight and unhealthy might overtrain while walking too much. Individual and personalised approach. Crucial ! This book is game ! It is a collection of life long experience in coaching and training. You'll find great-great insights to your training and development. Yes, it is written for the mountain goats in mind, but even flat track runners and road 10k racers would find their stuff in it. Fantastic pictures to illustrate and personal mountain athlete stories to spice it up ! I highly rate the book and recommend it to all runners, trail runners, through hikers and so.