In the beginning, all was dark and still,

No stars or planets, no time to fill.

But then a spark, a cosmic flame,

Ignited the void, and gave birth to the game.

Matter and energy came together,

In swirling clouds, they formed a tether.

Gravity pulled them tight, and bam!

The first stars were born, a dazzling grand slam.

Over time, these stars lived and died,

Exploding and scattering, far and wide.

But their elements, forged in their hearts,

Became the building blocks of new starts.

From this stardust, planets formed,

Rocks and gas and ice, all transformed.

And on one, a blue and green,

Life emerged, a brand new scene.

Humans walked on the land and sea,

Built and dreamed and soared to be free.

But our story is just a blip,

In the grand history of the universe's trip.

So let us marvel at the stars,

And all the wonders that they are.

For though our time is fleeting fast,

The universe will forever last.

>> @aauthespian1 ✌🏾