How many active users do we have here on Scorum?

The answer to that question is I don't know. I am sure one of the gurus here will be able to tell me though in the comments below.

Let's say though, just as an example that we have 500 active users who post or curate every day or two.

How can we double that number of users?

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I've been thinking recently about ways we can grow and promote Scorum. What can I do to help to grow this incredible little corner of cyberspace, where we get paid to write about our favorite sports and talk to our friends from around the world?

The same question has bounced around my head a number of times in the last six to nine months, and I have had some thoughts and ideas that I have shared with you before, and nothing really came to fruition.

Then, while reading a post from @brandonk today I thought of the answer and it's so simple!

Here is the post that got me thinking

We all have a network

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We all have a group of people we see every day. We have friends, colleagues, neighbours, work mates, brothers, sisters and the list goes on and on. Some of these people we see every day and loads of them are probably just as mad about sport as you, so might even be even bigger sports nuts.

My idea is that each and every active user tries to find a new member - one new member. Not five, not two, just one! That's shouldn't be too hard folks, should it?

Ideally they will love sport and be open minded enough to learn a bit about Crypto currency and isn't afraid of something new.

Once you have found someone who is willing to join us here, help them to get set up. Tell them about how stuff works, tell them about the importance of their key and how to protect it. Give them an upvote on their first post to get them started and make a post telling all your followers about this new user and the more encouragement this new user gets, the more likely that they will stay around.

Maybe if we think of a phrase to include in these posts like "Let's double our active userbase" or "Double Scorum" or something along those lines so people can easily spot the post and support the idea.

Maybe I'm way off the mark here and this won't work or it needs to be tweaked in some way or another? Please tell me in the comments below if you think of a better way to do this.

Right, I'm going to rack my brain now and try to think of the best person I can try and on board and then I'm going to work on my pitch to them.

Thanks as always for reading.

Peace Out.