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Since joining Scorum back in September, I have enjoyed every minute and I've gotten to know some brilliant people from right around the globe. The Internet has really helped to make our world smaller and scorum is like a little microcosm of this. This platform and community have huge potential from what I can see, but at this time it is exactly that - potential.

I believe to realise that potential and to help Scorum to grow to bigger and better things, it is up to us the users to do our very best to help to kick start this growth. I feel with a concerted effort, we can create some momentum on this front. For me new users or minnows are hugely important in this regard. My recent post outlined why the minnows are so important. That post can be found here:

In that post and follow on comments, I let you know that I was working on some ideas about how we can ensure that minnows receive that much needed initial support to help them get those initial upvotes that we all craved in our own early Scorum days. This will help to retain and engage new Scorum recruits. It is like when kids go down to their first training session for a new sport. You've got to make it as much fun as possible, and create that lasting first impression, that makes them want to come back again the following week, and the week after that and so on. Scorum is the very same, we must do all we can to get our newest recruits posting and not just posting any old stuff. We want them posting quality and it is up to the wise heads around here that have been here a while and know the ropes, to show these newer members what it takes to be successful and to give them that helping hand in their earliest formative days and weeks.

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The platform will be the winner in the long term and so will each of us who are the corner stones of the platform, after all, without users and readers, this platform would fade away and die and none of us want that.

Scorum, like any successful business is all about growth, so let's see what we can do to help foster this growth.

I will outline some of my ideas below and I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on my strategy. I will of course take these all into consideration before putting the final structure in place. Right, let's kick it off.


Whenever you find something new in life, in work, in sport, it's always great to have a mentor. Someone you can bounce questions off in those early days to save you making the same silly mistakes they made. Someone to explain how things work. Someone to tell you what's what and who's who.

Scorum is no different and I propose that we start of a mentoring or buddy system, where new users can request a mentor from me and then I connect them with a mentor from a list of mentors I hope to compile over the coming weeks.

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Why would a new user want a mentor?

  • They could ask questions. 
  • They could seek advice. 
  • The mentor could advise them about their posts or writing style.
  • The mentor could help encourage their new friend with some upvotes where appropriate.
  • The mentor may even decide to follow their new friend.

Why would a mentor want to support someone?

  • Well firstly, it's just a nice thing to do. 
  • Then there is the fact that it is positive for the long term viability of our platform. We have members working very hard to attract new users to the platform, but equally important is engaging and retaining them when they arrive here. We can all help here and I believe mentors can play a very important role in nurturing the new users.
  • It will also hopefully help to form some community spirit here on Scorum. This is an important attribute in any project like this, especially one which is distributed around the globe.

I think we need some criteria for people to qualify as a mentor. I suggest that mentors have pro status or a minimum of 1000SCR and have been live on Scorum for 1 month or more. Exceptions can be made of course, but this a proposed general rule.

Then, in order to qualify to be mentored you must have less than 1000SCR and will ideally be relatively new to the platform.

What I would like to see happen is when people come across a new user, they point them towards my post or discord and I then work to pair them with a mentor. This system will only work if I can find some mentors of course. So if you would like to register as a mentor, let me know and I will start to compile a list.

Together we can help the minnows to grow and feel welcome in those early days. Wouldn't it be great if we could retain more of those users who would otherwise become fed up and slowly drift away from Scorum?

I'm open to suggestions and amendments, so don't be shy :o)

So just how many new members have we been attracting? That question popped into my head back in early February and I started to keep an eye on the numbers.


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I have been thinking about this for the past month or two as I crudely tracked how many new users we are attracting to Scorum. Here are my results. As I said they are very crude!

  • Num of Users       Date and Time
  • 33215                       9th Feb 6:00
  • 33267                       14th Feb 6:00
  • 33279                       16th Feb 1:00
  • 33286                       17th Feb 12:00
  • 33330                       22nd Feb 17:00
  • 33388                       1st March 17:00
  • 33401                       2nd March 23:30
  • 33447                       6th March 14:00
  • 33454                       7th March 19:00

Based on these numbers, we are attracting an average of 9 new users every day. So as well as getting some support for these new users, which is paramount, I also want to see if we can come up with ways to attract more new users to the platform. I have some ideas around this subject as well and I'll post separately about this at a later stage.

For now, I want to concentrate on the proposed Mentoring system and see if I can get this up and running. I feel it is important to take it one step at a time, so that my efforts are not diluted, so I have made a note of my ideas around attracting additional users to Scorum and will tackle that issue after the Mentoring is up and running, assuming of course that people think it is a good idea and gets some support.

I have a thick skin though, so don't be afraid to criticise this and tell me that it is a terrible idea, if that is what you think. I'm happy to hear all and any opinions.

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I'm unsure if it would be better to have no set structure where the mentors can help for as long as they wish or to set out a structure, so that the Mentor can help out for a fixed period of time or a fixed number of posts. That way the mentors can move on to help someone else or if they wish, they can step aside from it altogether. If we go down the line of structure, I am thinking something along the lines of:

  • Mentor to provide advise and hopefully an upvote for 10 posts.
  • Mentor to assist minnow/new user for a period of 1 month.

The one month period and post counting can be done by the mentor, as it will be difficult for me to keep track of everything.

I will keep track of mentors and minnows and match them up randomly once per week


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Initially to register as a mentor or a minnow, just leave a comment below this post. I may look to set up a discord server or leverage an existing one if this takes off, but for now I will run things from this post and then once a week, I will publish our mentor-minnow pairs and hopefully attract more mentors and minnows.

There will be a very strict no-plagiarism and no-multiple-account policy. Any user found to be in violation of this one rule will not be able to use this initiative and will be flagged.

Thanks a million for reading.

Peace Out.