I especially apologize, if there is something wrong in writing and my words, and I'm sure there are some SCORUM users who feel stressed when creating articles on the Blogging Platform and including myself who experienced it.
When you are just starting blogging, surely everyone will feel energetic and feels very fun!
However, after running from time to time from day to day, someone blogging will surely find where they will be at a saturation point and a stressful blogging situation.

Actually these factors are triggered by our own minds that are too focused with blogging, especially when we are getting an inspiration that will make you forget time. So that over time we will find stress blogging.

Well, to get around this I try to share tips, who knows you can deal with stressful blogging situations.

Your Niche Blog Discusses Hobbies

Some say that intention of our blogging activities as a hobby is not making money. But for me personally, this seems rather difficult, because we will definitely be tempted by those who have made money from the Blogging Platform.

So, if our blogging doesn't make money we will feel bored right? I think friends feel that way. To overcome this, then choose a niche blog that discusses your hobbies.

For example you are a hobby of Traveling Sports, just make a blog that discusses the world of Traveling Sports. Or just make a blog as a record of your daily trips that lead to sports.

Out there will definitely be many people who are helped by your Traveling record. For example, there is someone who wants to travel but is confused about where to go, then they will open a Website that provides tourist references complete with information.

Set Your Time Well

Sometimes a blogger spends all day making an article without doing other activities. In this condition, they usually get a lot of inspiration so forgetting even late at night is still blogging.

Of course this is not good for our own bodies and we must also maintain health. So, arrange your time well. If you don't have regular time for blogging activities, you will definitely find stress coming.

Keep Doing Social Relations

In this world, we as humans definitely need social relations with others. Blogging stress comes usually when we run out of ideas to write the blog, whereas if we want to earn money from blogs we are required to always update our blog.

To overcome this, it would be good to go out and forget for a moment your blogging activities by socializing with the surrounding environment. Without us knowing it, usually from these social activities an idea and inspiration will emerge to update your blog. That is right.

Find More Hobbies Besides Blogging

Find more hobbies besides blogging. For example, I personally like and hobby with blogging activities, but I am also a hobby with soccer sports. When blogging stress hit me, my escape was to play football with friends.

Even though I don't play soccer sports every day like blogging, at least once a week I can refract my brain and run away from stress blogging. So find something other than blogging that would make your mind feel happy.

Occasionally Go to the Coffee Shop

Every now and then, invite your friends to go to a coffee shop to accompany them, if possible, invite a friend who has the same hobby, namely blogging, so you can do blogging activities together.

Besides doing blogging activities, you will also feel happy. Because gathering with friends is a fun activity.



Actually there are still many ways to deal with stress blogging. However, at least the above method will make you free from stress blogging. The above method must be applied if you want to be free from stress blogging. Usually, a blogger does not have regular time.

Time throughout the day is always spent in one place in front of a computer screen. Of course this is not good for body health and mind.