Hello, all Scorum friends, on this occasion I will share a tutorial that might be useful for you. Some times there are friends who do not know how to withdraw SP to SCR, and also sending SCR to the market to be cashed. Well, here I will explain the steps that must be prepared one by one:

First, you open the Scorum Wallet first to convert SP to SCR

Next, enter your private key, I'm sure my friend must have saved the private key very well. After the private key has been entered, then click the "Continue" button.

Now make your PIN, here we are asked to enter an 8 digit number. Keep in mind the numbers entered both must be the same, then click "Continue".

Now, we are already in the Scorum Wallet account.

As you see, for now my SCR balance is 0 and my SP balance is 1,729. To change the SP to SCR, then we need to convert it first, how to click the "CONVERT" tab. See the red circle above which I have marked.

The following is a tool to convert SP to SCR and vice versa SCR to SP. How to change the conversion position, just click the opposite arrow "". See the red circle in Figure below.

Now, you enter the number of SP you want to convert to SCR, then click the "Conversion" button. The Conversion process is complete, now we will get SCR every week for 1 year.

Keep in mind, for now the conversion of SP to SCR takes 12 months. This means that we will get exchange results every week for 12 months. Still confused …………? Okay, I'll explain the details!

We just take the case above:

  • Total SP = 1,729
  • Conversion time = 1 year or 12 months or 52 weeks
  • SCR rewards per week = 1,729 / 52

So, the acquisition of SP every week is: 33,25 SCR

How do you understand the process right ………?


Now we will create a market, where this market will later send SCR there to cash. The market I mean is "Openledger".

Why should it be in Openledger ......?

Because Openledger is one trading trading company that has a very good level of security. Without going too far now we will go to the point.

Open the Openledger address or click here to start creating an account. If so, you will be taken to the Openledger Wallet page as shown in the following Figure:

Then click the "Create Account" button.

Select the "recommended" section as I have marked, then click the "Continue" button.

Enter your username (username must contain numeric elements), for example: xxxxxxx1. Then fill your password at least 7 characters / alphabet and repeat the password (note: please use a letter and number combination password and add symbols). Now click "Continue".

And now we have an Openledger wallet. Here we can do various activities ranging from transactions to trading. Very cool isn't it ??

Now we will try sending SCR from Scorum Wallet to Openledger!

Click the "Deposit / Withdraw" menu.

  1. In the Find an asset box, type "SCR", so that only SCR coins are displayed
  2. Click select "Deposit"

Please pay attention to the picture above. Next we will get the Address and Memo / Message transaction. For more details, please see the following picture:



Address: openledger

Memo / Message: your memo (memo hidden).

Now that you have got the Address and Memo / Message, please friend note the Address and Memo / Message.






For the next step, reopen your Wallet Scorum, then select the "Send" tab.


How to fill:

  1. Username = openledger
  2. Exchange memo = your memo that is openledger
  3. Amount SCR = amount of SCR that will be sent

If everything is filled properly, then click the "Send" button. The shipping process is complete, this will not take a long time, and your SCR has landed on the Openledger wallet.




Only a few tutorials from me and should be useful!