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Fat is one of the causes of fattening in the body so that it makes a bad appearance. The fat itself can nest in all parts of the body, starting from the stomach, arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, face and waist. To get rid of it, there are a number of ways you can do, for example on a routine diet or exercise.

However, there is one more part of the body that is often inhabited by fat, but rarely known by someone. This part is the back. Yes, the fat that accumulates on the back is not really like the fat that lodges in the stomach.

But when wearing clothes, especially tight ones, the fat will be seen so that the back becomes prominent, not normal as usual. of course this can reduce appearance. To overcome stubborn fat in the back, you can use the following methods.

1. Push Up

Push up is not only useful for shrinking the stomach, but also can cut fat that lodges in the back. This is because in the arm, there are muscles that are connected directly to the back. So, when you focus on the strength of the arm, the back will also feel contractions.

2. Bridges

For fitness players, maybe they will sing again with bridges. Bridges are one of the popular movements performed in gymnastics. The practice is easy, you must first be in the supine sleeping position. After that, lift your lower body until the legs bend. This movement relies on the strength of the back muscles so that it can accelerate fat burning in these areas.

3. Pull Ups

The next exercise is pull ups. In this exercise, you can reduce the volume of fat on your back which can damage your appearance. For beginners, you should do pull ups slowly and low intensity. Because, if forced, can make the arm become injured. Do it according to your ability, even though for a while as long as the routine, you will get the results.

4. Boxing

Then you can do boxing exercises, either at home or at the fitness center. As previously explained, arm and back muscles are interconnected. So, when you exercise arm muscle strength, then your back will automatically be trained as well.