Hello Scorumians, Long time no see and i want to believe you are all doing great.

Whoever it was that coined the proverb "time flies" got it all right. Its exactly 12 months since i posted any content on scorum's blogging platform. In fact the last time i commented or up-voted anyone's post was more than that.

I am happy that there seems to be some reasonable degree of increase in the area of membership as well as quality of contents. I also noticed one thing remained constant is the tending page, and that the same users who have been dominating it twelve months ago continued to hold sway. Whether that is good or not, i cant tell, but i commend their efforts and tenacity all these months. I think they are pillars of the blogging platform and without them perhaps the story could have been different.

It is worthy to also commend the scorum team for their perseverance throughout the bear months when all hope was lost. Other start ups in the category of scorum that could not survive the dark period have gone under, but the team trudged on undeterred. I think it may be safe to say that they are about to get out of the woods. I want to thank them for the little amount of scorum coins (53 scr coins in total) that have accumulated in my wallet during my absence. I know i didn't work for it, but i suspect it to the proceeds from the ad revenue. Can you beat that? How many platforms out there will be so generous as to hand out free money to dormant members? It may not be much but a gift is a gift and i thank the scorum management. This selfless act goes a long way to show that Scorum is the platform to belong to.

Before i pen down, permit me to point out that there is the need for the big guys on scorum platform to also concentrate on newly registered users who post good contents. When that is done and they appear on the trending page from time to time, it will spur them to do better and above all, encourage them spread the word to their colleagues, family and friends. It makes no sense to have one set of people trending day in day out on the trending page, it tends to make whole thing appear too monotonous.

Moving forward, I will endeavor to create the time to post contents that may appeal to the platform and perhaps to audiences out there. It is good to be back and i salute both the old and the new members of this wonderful platform.

I remain @askarju.