It is the first round of qualification to SPL November 2018. What is SPL you can find out here.

Qualification rules:

  • Qualification consists of 3 rounds
  • You can get up to10 points in every round
  • The best qualifiers will form the SPL divisions
  • The amount of points scored in three rounds will determine the place in the qualification

Predict the results:

  • 2 points: 20/10/18 EPL Chelsea - Manchester United (3-Way 1X2) preview
  • 2 points: 20/10/18 NBA Toronto Raptors @ Boston Celtics (2-Way 12)
  • 2 points: 20/10/18 NHL Carolina Hurricanes @ Colorado Avalanche (2-Way 12)
  • 2 points: 21/10/18 NFL Baltimore Ravens @ New Orleans Saints (2-Way 12)
  • 2 points: 21/10/18 Formula-1 United States GP. Winner



Boston Celtics

Carolina Hurricanes

Baltimore Ravens

Lewis Hamilton


Before the first event begins

Good luck!

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Chelsea - Manchester United