As renewed enthusiasm sweeps the ecosystem with the price being green for a sustained amount of time other than a couple of hours, I am super hyped. I am so hyped that I am doing another round today. However this time I have a good friend and Witness @julienbh be my CFO today! I don't openly endorse many witnesses but he is one that I do because he consistently interacts and posts and runs initiatives. Julien is a solid dude is what I'm getting at and is MATCHING what I give away in liquid on this round!!!! He has been a solid and ethical leader who has created bots and fun things to benefit the community as well as collaborating with other cool peeps to keep this train chugging. Please consider giving him your Witness Vote so we all can Lambo Up together. Here is his list of awesome... Creator of BetBot, NotifyBot, and ScorumPower Chrome Extension. Also a witness @Waveyourflags

You mean if Axey gives 300 so does Julienbh (Waveyouflags Witness)? YES , YES IT DOES! (pixabay)

🌦️🌧️⛈️🌩️If you have entered and scored in more than two of my previous rounds this round disqualifies you as to allow others a chance to participate. HALF of the Payout amount from this post will be given as Liquid SCR to the participants who score a spot and that amount will be MATCHED BY @julienbh. I have to make bread too so remember that upvoting my comments and posts are VERY appreciated so I can keep the RAIN FLOWING.🌦️🌧️⛈️🌩️


🌦️🌧️⛈️🌩️With the new updates and such it seems that some liquid SCR would be a good thing for all the upcoming events and reinvesting or having fun with right? Well like the other rounds the rules are that you MUST leave a thoughtful comment that is one sentence long and NUMBER your spot. Ten Scorumers will get to split HALF the total payout amount in liquid SCR on this post on payout day. Thanks again to Julien for matching the payout I give out so if you pump it up and support the post you are supporting others and the ecosystem! Remember to read the top part that if you have "Scored" in more than 2 previous rounds you can not play in this one. 🌦️🌧️⛈️🌩️

The last round was for a total of five but this one is for TEN. Again, you must follow the simple rules of leaving a SENTENCE AND NUMBERING YOUR SPOT, when I reply that you're marked, you're in for a slice of the Pie! We reserve the right to refuse a spot if your account is in bad standing, plagiarism or general bad behavior/trolling....