I like blogging. It is that simple. I enjoy being on a lot of platforms with different names writing about whatever I want. This name is most certainly my main and after three years it's sort of an extension of a part of me that journals, ghost writes and explores topics with others. Scorum is what it is and could have gone a lot of ways but here we are. If you are looking to get rich then perhaps this isn't the go to place but I do like a lot on here and the truth is that I have no clue what the mechanisms behind choices are.

sharing one of my battlestations , blahhhhh, photo property exclusively of Battleaxe and this photo with calf muscles that can kick through boards shows my nerdy athletic excellence plus I like to chill out with my husband whose digs are radder. Shoes by Crocs/ Scorum On till the break of dawn

This place has been everything from really happy and doing pretty well to pretty much silence except for a few to people who enjoy writing. This year shook many peoples lives up and maybe it needed to happen. Watching my favorite things with no audience is odd but I get it.

Unfortunately I think there are going to be more waves of Corona and am not going to be surprised if things keep getting postponed. My idiot President should be ousted but he is trying to throw a huge rally next Saturday with as many people possible. My POTUS is a dangerous bunker hunker and my country is really messed up so I homestead and hike, do yoga and game to keep grounded. PS-5 is coming out in the fall and am SO READY even though 4 is amazing. ..........so happy Monday and the prize is if you leave a comment (must be one sentence or more and polite), I'll give you an UV. Please allow recharging and don't spend it all on booze and shady ladies who want fancy drinks at the few bars open. :P

Peace Out fellow Scorumites! I have a lot of liquid SCR, what do?