Izge has been on the platform as an O.S. (Original Scorumer). His posts are wise and he stands out with his kindness, insights and keen analysis of trends in general. His works go into areas that could meld spirituality, sports and cryptospheres all into one. It's like he's a verbal alchemist in some ways and he just is one of those people who I hold a great deal of respect for. Izge is also humble in a way that makes him the type of person you'd maybe ask advice from or actually take advice from. His description in his bio sums up his sense of service and humility while underplaying the fact that the guy is brilliant.

I am a public servant and a crypto enthusiast. izge
In my meme stash / think is Pixabay originally? don't know it's old but it's damn good and true!

⚡His last post though did shine a spotlight onto something perhaps we all are taking for granted on Scorum because we are not so happy of some of the ways things have been carried out. RESOURCE CREDITS! I read his take of being dissed by the much disliked Cheetah and associates who seem to get their rocks off at times picking on non whales by people controlled by the same circle jerks. His post coincided with me running out of precious "resource credits" on the Axey account.... by just unfollowing people? Cute, it says it's oh so costly but Ned was infamous for dropping millions of dollars USD onto some dubious people and projects and I'd lump some of what the thought police does as one of them.

Steemit "CULTure" reminds me of Jerry Springer and not in the funny way either. Steem itself is the tech/blockchain/currency that is separate/different then Steemit Inc. which most people agree was steered into a brick wall. As much as I think some of the Steemit Pyramid is cult like and not nice, I see some big differences here. Maybe it took Izge's post to point the fact out that we don't have organized crews of shills making or breaking people. Well, at points there kinda were...how'd that turn out? ;)

⚡Here is his last post which may blow some fresh air into your sails that point out that every platform has its' flaws and agendas. .... https://scorum.com/en-us/other/@izge/izge-is-a-likely-plagiarist-spammer-id-thief-be-cautious