ROUND THREE..... RAIN!!!! The payouts from the first rounds were dispensed and I hope you all enjoy having some sweet and fresh SCR to boost morale. (Reinvesting and other fun stuff is up to you but the point of this initiative is to have some immediate FUNds courtesy of moi.) As soon as I get a chance Round 3 payouts will be sent out to all who participated.

custom art from a friend for me

Feel free to upvote this post and comments/other posts in payouts to keep this "Bank" raining love! 19 SCR each, since nobody claimed the 15th slot it fattened up the slice of pie for everyone.

💫Here are the People who are getting a slice of the Pie💫

  1. sixx
  2. tosyne2much
  3. reverendrum
  4. bdn
  5. shaungerow
  6. bamamama
  7. julienbh
  8. askarju
  9. peman85
  10. sport-frei
  11. mr-sarriball
  12. betman
  13. ablaze
  14. rafia