Happy Daddy Day to all the Dads out there today! Moving forward with the price so low , I am wanting to be a cheerleader today. I just hope by magical thinking that it will go up for all of us Scorumites. Hotbit is all over the place and is notoriously guilty of inflating numbers. It would be nice to actually know the real deal but until Crypto isn't mostly run by goons we have to just accept the wild west ways.

An accurate numerical depiction of the current price, boooooo

In order to spread cheer through clickbait , I'm going to give the first FIVE comments 2 SCR each. They must be by different users and can be about anything from why you love bench pressing to rating how hungover you are. Sunday is a funday and also (at least in the states)...Baby Daddy Day! 🧬While shows like "Maury" and "Jerry Springer" have such culturally enriching episodes on DNA testing guessing on who knocked up Crystal or Chardonnay....I am giving out sweet SCR! 🧬

Together, we can promote Scorum and pump up the volume!