Instead of addressing a 50% downvote on a very odd post that talks of shooting birds and that we all are going to hell, this person who has no intro post decides to threaten. They used a tag and I felt the post was aggressive and frankly disturbing. @Vlad, @Scorum, @Olha..... as things become successful we will have issues. If someone is behaving creepy then feels a threat is okay then goes creepster I will let the entire ecosystem know. All that was to be done is for this "individual" to ignore or say why using a tag in a disturbing post had a point. If you wanna flag this go at it, if you want to go postal and I don't think you are who you say you are then that's another matter. We will protect our investments and ecosystem "Rose".

They did not , I easily would have removed the flag if it was not violent and disturbing. Also, I will pay you to get on voice on me that you are actually a female. How's that? :)

No intro post and mult posts in a few hours , how or why you zoned into me I can take my guesses. Then you threaten and uv all my stuff and such. You know the system here if you do no intro and can tag like that. You are deliberately inciting this and instead of asking why I disagree on rewards on your post you threaten then bombard me with upvotes...thanks!