As a sporty and gaming nerd, I read a lot about how other platforms operate. It's an information overload and reading the fine print is my jam. I specifically looked into Facebook's "Libra", Eos "Voice" and Steemit. We have our differences at times but I like to give big squishy hugs and make up because without constructive and adult debate, not much changes.

"Gemini Skin" / Fortnite

In a nutshell here is why Scorum has some crucial advantages over some "big boys". I say boys because the CEO's either act like children or act like Christian Bale in "American Psycho".

  1. Facebook has had numerous issues with security and misuse of data.  Zuckerberg is ruthless when it comes to competition and has screwed over many to become the Darth Vader he is today.  "Libra" has the stable coin advantage which is a good angle cause the hyper volatility sucks. 
 ......It's Facebook,  I don't need to have an Uber or Lyft record of comings and goings on travels.  They are partnering with some well meaning groups (at least on the surface),  but things are Orwellian enough.  Scorum doesn't need to know what you are up to like the Gestapo.  The question the below quote raises is why are smart phones which are also Orwellian more important to promote and flood the market with then emphasizing financial infrastructure? ;)


Around the world, 1.7 billion people don’t have access to a bank account—but a billion of those same people do have a phone in their pocket. Mercy Corp on Libra

2. EOS has Voice. Okay, well personally the fact they "had" Bro*k Pierce on there and who still seems to be involved in some capacity should give you a heads up on the types of folks who think crossing state lines with underage boys to give drugs to at Hollywood parties is just fine. EOS has some good factors but they just remind me of the rest of the technocrats who probably go to Bohemian Grove ;)...... KYC (KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER)! They are going to go the Facebook route to get allll your info and such to use Voice. No thanks, I'd stick to Libra in that case. 🤫

The people who say all Jocks are dumb are the same ones who are in their Mama's basement harassing people online and peeing into Mountain Dew bottles to not miss a beat playing some woo woo game off the nsfw sites:P (giphy)

3. Steemit, Requires a phone number to get set up and sends data and stuff to the same places the above do. In fact a lot of the people sorta were or are in bed together imho. Besides the fact that people throw flags and wreck your account if you are friends with the wrong person, it's beyond unpleasant and I just sh*t post on it to keep in touch with some friends. I hope it changes back to a less toxic place because it was really exciting. The trust issues with the powers that be with ALL of these platforms is a major issue but the fact they are 'teaming' up with MIRA keeps me from dumping everything outta some socks on there. ;)

As far as their bettor/gaming streak's mostly shady dice games and such that are either ponzis or changing the rules as they go. They have nothing in place that can hold a candle to what we have, even though there is a lot of room for improvement! Those who want to invest such as myself are usually investing for much more than the blogging platform which I like too. Things can coexist, it's a shocking thought really!

Yay! (giphy)

If you want to attract a certain demographic that does not want to feel they are an unwilling lab rat for the "elite" then some of those op/eds/facts above are good selling points. Scorum says it will be paying SCR out if you start getting people in here. I'm on the fence about that but whatever. The Bettor Community is beyond important to gain any traction moving forward. The Sportsbook is gonna have KYC things on it from what I gather and maybe it's a legal thing but don't be messin' with our SCR.

*All of this is Op/Ed only and some is to be a bit tongue in cheek but if you are hell bent on getting people on here there are some unsavory morsels of the wonderful world of crypto!