I'd like to begin by saying that a great deal of us are over there as well. Many of us are racking up tons of coins worth far less than Scorum with the hope it will pump. There are TRILLIONS of these tokens on the SteemExchangePlatform. Like so many in here, we were happy to get these big numbers on posts and meet up with each other in another environment. I really have liked stumbling into people I respect and think are "Real". That being said, I'm about to gear up on hard lessons learned that I still have faith in Scorum due to the user base.

There is a VERY clear hierarchy there and me and my "big mouth" isn't afraid to call a spade a spade. If anyone thought there was racial or gender bias here......just go there. Of course you can buy very inexpensively some power like a lot did and then act like God. Let me tell you that for a few hundred bucks or a thousand bucks you also can be a God. Here's the thing about Gods ............ they fall.

False Gods fall. Idols fall. I remember putting certain athletes on a pedestal to later see videos of them punching their fiance or being total pricks. For some reason I garner attention, good and bad. It makes me quite a bit of sh*t coins to do some of the things I do that NOBODY has a clue I'm capable of. Nobody wants to be the one to point out sexism or racism.

Crypto is supposed to be a great equalizer and it isn't. I don't want to hear bullshit on how something that's just as manipulated as fiat (imho WAY MORE), is going to make us all on equal footing. I've seen people do the nastiest things you can imagine when I was a "Boss Bitch" for a financial institution I don't want to name. Crypto makes that look like Disneyland. It's Wall Street on Crack not Cocaine. It's a raw and brutal lens that shows people how the world truly is.

There is no "fair", there are no rules or laws in place to protect some of the vulnerable. That is why there are about to be a TON of regulations passed that will check some of these activities. IMHO, both places have pros and CONS and if you don't speak out for yourself then who will? The Sin of Omission versus Commission is a real thing..............and so is Karma.

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