I have friends who may or may not all like each other but from a holistic perspective what I'm doing with this initiative is to put LIQUID in your hands. As it is a free market it is up to the individual to use it how they see fit. Interestingly many are hodling it and if not then I hope it helps with games, bills or a beer. However, one person made my day!

This post is dedicated to..... @shaungerow ! He powered up his piece of the pie and let me know about it in comments. Communication works when you work it. I sincerely appreciate the support and feedback. I've alluded to the fact if you provide feedback like he did that there are bonus goodies like full upvotes and such. Thank you Sir! As a thank you for believing in the community, I am dropping a link to your last post that I hope some of us can shower love on.

Oh helllllo there, you like Pirates and Booty and Rum too? (pixabay)


Shaun, you got like 40 or so total between SCR and SP I think (if my math is wrong forgive me as I'm in front of 4 screens at once and trying to fix a bug)! Another "Rain Drop" is coming VERY soon with perhaps some more surprises in store! Thanks to all of TeamGood even if we all are busy kicking ass and taking names in our own little spheres of the world. I love you guise!

graphics courtesy of @ancapbarbie