In the spirit of Community Ecosystem Power, I would like to have some fun. Would you like to have some fun as well? Some say that having fun is good for you but am waiting for the empirical evidence of that claim.

1988 when skinny jeans were not worn to try to assert intellectual dominance and virtue signaling...b.a.

The goal is green. The first 10 comments that are at least one complete sentence long, get a cut of the payout. This means, the total payout of this post (split equally between the first ten according to rules) on payout day will be given to you in SCR! I can't wait to see more stuff morphed (meh ideas borrowed cause so gooood) into how others can take a nudge and run with it.


  1. Comments must be by different people,  YOU MUST PUT YOUR NUMBER UP ON WHAT NUMBER IN PLACE YOU ARE IN COMMENTING....if you are the fourth person, put it in your comment (don't pull some sock, alt b.s.)
  2. The total amount of payout in SP to SCR format payout , will be split equally between the ten Scorumites. The more the merrier.
  3. being lame is lame,  having people uv you and you never return the favor in comments or blogs to fish for crumbs should inspire us all to rise above
  4. I teleport beer and Loch Lomond 12 year old Scotch on my "off days"

Here are some Inspirational Personal Faves of Mine for you to listen to if you choose to... *nsfw


Have a nice morning/afternoon /evening and Scorum On 😎

Newest Selfie, Gee, I need to do some more Hot Yoga !!!! :) (giphy)

We all think at times along the same lines.

It's where they merge and part that seems to be what makes and breaks.....

just sayin'