What a last couple of years huh? Crypto Loooong Winter, great things come and go too quick to count and then we are all here. The odd thing of a Global Pandemic is that somehow it seems oddly strengthening while being in a world of chaos. Some of us "blog" with more than a couple of accounts/platforms and then come back to our original at times because it reminds you of your roots for better or worse. There was a time of writing about wrestling and silly sports or contests that felt fun but that seems like another reality. We all transitioned into a new world with no manual.

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The last HUGE thing on here was Kobe dying and then the Plague hit. Americans who so many liked to rely on for big upvotes or to prop up platforms mostly left many things while some new roads proved more fulfilling. I like to write. I miss the world where I could just write about female ninjas and pom poms. Now we are playing online copies of the actual sport we miss and try to keep far away from anyone you walk or hike by when you get cabin fever too badly. It's rather mind blowing to hear the word "mask" and immediately think Covid. Op/Ed about my "journey"

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