I come from a VERY stressful and competitive backround in business and I can tell you that the windows of opportunity can shut as fast as they can open. If after a few months on any of these platforms you still have loyal friends and followers count yourself blessed. We all know of people who used to support or upvote us then go a bit weird on us or shut us out.....that's life. Sometimes if you even make one more penny it's enough to change your status from ally to threat. That is a very, very stupid way to look at things unless you are actively being attacked or screwed with. When you permanently burn bridges don't be surprised that when you are flailing in the waters that not many will throw you a life jacket. In this game don't be surprised if you get thrown as Chum to the Hammerheads if you wanna bite the hands that feed too hard. One thing I've learned is that loyalty is priceless but I also am only responsible for my actions and mine alone, staunch individualism is not the antithesis to teamwork!

Truth.... courtesy of Fearlessmotivation.com

It's not a fluke that some of us who were the underdogs wind up being underestimated then come out on top. By working smart and being tough and trying to be as fair as possible while realizing this is a BUSINESS, you can clearly gravitate and support those who can help your own agenda or have the same interests or lines of thinking when it comes to . While we waited at times twiddling our thumbs you best believe that others took "inspiration" and made things. No they are not Scorum, not remotely.........but they are fast and in this game that matters. You don't get the LUXURY of sitting on your ass for months on end to throw a few scraps here and there. Do you think that's how the NYSE works? I can assure you it doesn't and I've fired, hired and seen what waiting and missing out on making moves will get you.

On the Prowl for Opportunities..... (giphy)

Okay enough negative venting, the question is how do we move forward and keep our little tribes we've made going? I do hope that Scorum succeeds and makes it but there are platforms and initiatives popping up where a lot of us will go to broaden our works and brands. People have bitched at me for not being "all in" on this platform, or Steemit or just sticking to trading........ they don't matter. I've had my share of dealing with the nastiest sharks you can imagine and yet here I am. The question I want answered is if the loyalty I have left to this platform will go both ways because the optimist in me sure as hell hopes so.

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