And now for something completely different! Cryptocurrency exchange! Betman wrote on this topic exactly a year ago, advising you how to exchange SCR for fiat… and Earn a Commission! When bl**dy centralized exchanges will not do it, we have to organize ourselves!

This time, credits for the idea goes to our members @goldenbogdan and @pete. First, @goldenbogdan sent a post in a wish to Exchange some SCR for DOGE, which didn’t meet much enthusiasm. I cannot imagine this was because doge is a shitcoin nobody uses…

OK Doge, keep calm, I said “I cannot imagine”… Then @goldenbogdan sent two more alternatives: XLM (what is this? Stellar? Is that for drinking or breaking?) and XRP (interbank settling layer made like a centralized coin scam) And Doge suddenly looks much better! Satisfied, you nasty Doge?


In the comments of the mentioned post, our @pete pulled a fine idea of “Local Coin Swap (LCS)”. OK, let’s develop the idea. How could we execute the idea? Let Betman start with a suggestion:

First, if you want to buy or sell, put up a post with the #LCS tag and LCS in the title, so it could be easily found and recognized. In the post you will enter your offer, but you also can put offer of other people (don’t forget a link to their post), so the market could function more efficiently.

For example, Betman could put a post with his own offer, and the offer of @goldenbogdan in this format:


Title: Almost Nothing for Close to Nothing (LCS)


(1) @goldenbogdan — offer at Exchange SCR / DOGE

800 SCR for Dogecoin (address: DMow4AmsyfCM4GcNDirFsZVEwavGegVcRa), XLM or XRP

Price negotiable on the day of the exchange

(2) @betman — offer [Just joking, would never sell under this price]

1000 SCR for Steem, Bitcoin (address: 1GZQG69sEKiMXKgGw9TcGcUCBoC4sC1ZYp) or Litecoin


[Just joking, who would buy SCR worth close to nothing?]

TAGS: #LCS #exchange #scr #crypto


Speaking of the SCR health, here is the latest Pumpty Dumpty EKG:

Looks almost alive, isn’t it? I wonder if a few German Odds at BetScorum can make a difference:

Please, do contribute to the improvement of this idea with your mature, serious and rational comments. You never know what can happen next…

To the Moongoose! Or something like that…

Acknowledgments: Once again, Betman would like to extend his gratitude to our members @goldenbogdan and @pete for the inspiration for this post. Thanks, guys!

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