They murmuring on the field didn't get to Mark, he became as adamant as a rock, what else do you expect from a man who is so full of himself, on the pitch and at home, his reputation has put the club in bad names on the front lines of newspapers. Still, Mark wouldn't change. They hummed, chant, curse, put up a racist banner to get Mark's attention and the whole world in other to send him off the pitch, but no, Mark played on as if nothing happened. Drawing on his "I don't give a damn" attitude, he played on.


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Despite all this, Mark mode of play knew no boundaries as he delve into the opponent net and landed a goal, the whole crowd should have gone haywire by now but they stood still by not applauding the goal, his own club fans for that matter.

I guess it was already getting to him that he has reached the end of his pride while destruction cometh next. Mark teammates applaud him, cheer him up but the young man was already pissed off on the inside. The ball was passed and Mark took the ball in no time because of his forward position, in what looked like a confusion cum 'what is happening here' scenario, he made way to his own club net and landed a goal. The opponent club fans went on a jubilating spree, jubilating one of the biggest football shame caught on Tv in recent time. He didn't waste time, he walks off the field, first by pulling his jersey off him. The end of a promising carrier.