Firstly, Scorum doesn't have much wrong with it.

My main gripe comes with wasted VP since it is so precious when curating. Voting and the power drained obviously isn't a problem as it's intended to keep the ecosystem balanced, but when I am robbed of a %100 upvote due to plagirized work, I feel compelled to scream!

I upvoted two posts this morning at full power since the writer didn't seem to get much traction, and the work was inspiring!

This sadly was a plagiarized piece of work, and the user himself seemed to be using a fake profile picture to create the grand deception.

Since the antiplagiarism functionality is much more lenient in how articles are judged, the ones that do have fully plagiarized content should be apparent to users at all times. The transparency of plagiarized work and 'bad' users will create a more harmonious place for curators, and those who truly deserve to be curated for their hard work.

An implement such as 'reputation' on steemit can be created yet altered to truly reflect a user's level.

An accumulation of 'bad posts', 'bad comments' and things of this sort can create a more interesting playing field for writers and curators seeking true success on Scorum.

I would even recommend creating a 'verified' tag for all the users who are able to verify themselves as a real person. This would require 'KYC' implements but with the vast decrease in users joining the platform, some fixes must arrive.. and they must arrive soon!

The betting exchange is on the way and Scorum is still in its infancy, but we really must find quality and legitimacy in the userbase here so we can grow exponentially.

To the moon!