I have left a link to the 'Netcoins' contest in which we can all vote once per day.

The notoriety Scorum can gain from this will be huge, and all it takes it consistent voting and spreading the word.

The tangible prizes for the coin with the most votes include:

1st Place

Free listing worth $30,000 USD

2nd Place - 10th Place

25% off listing fee*

A single random voter will also receive $200 in USD, so it counts to vote as much as we can!

If we want to help Scorum grow, let's vote as much as

Being listed on Netcoins also includes:

'Getting your coin sold in 171,000 retail locations in over 53 countries across 6 continents

Press releases and media exposure on financial sites and crypto sites (Nasdaq, Globenewswire, Coinmarketcap, Coincodex etc…)'

Link to the Voting Form: http://contest.gonetcoins.com/

Let's do this guys, for Scorum, and for our future on this platform!