I am trying to create an outreach to the small audience I have in terms of sports and crypto.

[In fact the caricature seen here is work from one of my Youtube subscribers]

I make mixed martial arts predictions through half hour long snid bits around once a week, and through these I am gaining a following slowly but surely.

At the current moment I have 1,700 subscribers, and in September I was allowed to monetize my account after hitting 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. I feel as though 2,000 subscribers will be a big milestone for me, and maybe by midway through 2019 I can be well on my way to 10k!

I hope to unveil the beautiful new Scorum shirts and banners created by @thepr0phet [whom I would recommend a witness vote for as well], but for now I can at least advertise my channel and the options we have as a community to expand Scorum and allow it to reach it's potential.

The Scorum team was awesome enough to allow me to use their personal watermark. The speciality Scorum water mark is translucent and fits any color or tone the Youtube video emits. As you can see here, the watermark appears 5 minutes in and basically looks like this the whole video.

As yo can see here, the video has accrued around 1,033 and should peak at nearly 3,000 by fight time. This is the norm for me and has been over the past year. I have never had this many subscribers nor have I monetized for more than 6 months..

..so I hope to see an uptick in both my video views and Scorum users.

I also include my social media links at the bottom of each video, and at times I have lived chats in which I encourage those who entertain my notions of mma to come write! I am eager to see if this will have any results over the next few months..

..and honestly Scorum needs help from the full community. We all must do out part to spread the word. We've plateau'd in a sense and we need to go at volume and userbase full throttle.

We need to let new users know that quality work will be seen, and that any type of sports fan can have a home here at Scorum.

Hash tags, Twitter Links, promoting your work on other social networks along with having tags and Scorum badges of any sort will help drive volume. Being seen is first and foremost.. then once seen we can prove ourselves as the best blockchain social media platform out there [sports or not]!

I am including my social media links here as I will be doing more videos on Instagram and sharing them to all social media stations. I want to start doing giveaways and create enticing contests to get people eager about joining the Scorum platform!

Follow me here for updates and to support the cause!

My Youtube Channel [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNJ-RuQul7hnbQlN03quVXQ?view_as=subscriber]

My Scorum Page [https://scorum.com/en-us/profile/@brandonk]


My Twitter [twitter.com/@snoopzprodigy]


My Instagram [instagram.com/brandonk.ig]

My last post is actually part of the banner that @thepr0phet created, he will be running contests and promotions on a massive scale soon.. but that is news for him to reveal.

Thanks for your time, and please share the ways you are promoting Scorum.. we all need you!