Three to six users joing Scorum daily seems to be the Summer average thus far.

I haven't been tabulating everyday, but every-time I peek at the Block Explorer it seems as though we are gaining much more traction through the trials and tribulations of our impending bull market...

We accrued nearly 3000 users in this dreadful bear market, and I see a solid near hundred authors who publish their work everyday. I can think of 25 users off the top of my head, and we see new names hitting the front page daily. The desire for wealth is what gets most new users into the blockchain, so we must understand that it's a natural progression once things start moving upwards. In reality we may spite this type of human behavior, but our FOMO allows us to empathize and recruit users because again... the end is in the means!

As a Scorum user in May of 2019, you are still a pioneer. One of the first 50 thousand users to what will eventually become 100,000 and hopefully 1 million by the time other betting platforms begin to take ahold of their own reigns. Right now BetScorum is the number one option when it comes to Soccer betting, but we need to be the number option when it comes to all sports.

[I am Growing Too, With Scorum...]

A fiat gateway is amazing, but it's honestly the last tool we need unless our user base is big enough to create consistent liquid flowing in and out.

Just remember that these are the times to be writing, focusing, and planning out how you want to save your SCR. Try and build up as large of an account as possible so you can become a major influence once we take over the world.

It is as simple as telling everyone in your life who loves sports about a blogging and betting platform that costs nothing! The problem with Scorum and most of the blockchain social media platforms is that it's almost too good to be true... and people don't want to waste time if they can't earn.

The thing is, once people arrive, they enjoy the experience and realize that higher ceilings are possible with a little confidence and a lot of promotion. Never be afraid to promote this place, be afraid not to... If Scorum succeeds, we succeed. I mean that more than ever guys.