Firstly, let's talk about this initiative.

I've decided to welcome every new user I see with 10 SCR from my own wallet. I encourage whales on the platform to provide support to brand new minnows curious about Scorum, and needing motivation in continuing here.

We are gaining more users in the past two weeks than we have in the past 6 months. The bull market is dragging us upward, and although we are at a low point, we are not out of the race... not nearly!

It is key to scour new posts and support those that need it most. The goal should be getting new users to the front of the page so there is new content continually being recognized and published. There are new sports fans joining the brigade, and it's key that these new users are also aware of BetScorum and how earning SCR here can be made into something very lucrative betting-wise.

That is really all I can do now to promote (besides my Youtube channel and social media), but I trust that the entire user base (especially whales) are spreading the word in any way they can. Even if you don't believe anyone in your life is into sports or betting, I guarantee they like video games, blogging in general, the idea of crypto and many topics that Scorum does end up encompassing.

I always introduce people to Scorum with Steemit, I feel that Steemit covers so many issues and has good value on the dollar that new users would feel more comfortable spending time on both platforms.

In regards to my play of the day, I am taking Jessica Andrade this weekend for (-124) against Rose Namajunas! This is a fight in Rio to crown the new straw weight queen, and I am going for the Pile Driver to win this one handily! Good luck to all of ya!