11 months ago Scorum was born... it was my goal to hit 100k SCR and make my life goals complete. I believe[d] in this platform so heartily as it's one of a kind and really offers something so niche to the crypto-sphere...

...but now Scorum is at its lowest point.

I've never seen us pass this low of a threshold. The SCR token is worth barely over 2 cents USD from a consistent 22 cents USD we experienced through most of late 2018. I am a huge proponent of Scorum's ideas and intentions, but there are zero updates from the team!

There has only been downturn since the bear market, but there is really no excuse for us to be in this bad of shape 11 months later.

Do I keep promoting Scorum on my Youtube channel securing a few visitors a day? Do I keep making posts to provide a sense of false hope to the community? Or do I just stop completely?

Everyday I ponder why Scorum isn't succeeding.. the tools are there, the answers are clear... but it seems the people behind Scorum don't understand the gravity of how badly this place needs some change.

A few implements such as additional sports on the exchange, proper promotion [with ads beyond those on Scorum's main page], and updating the community every couple of weeks would provide the right motivation for a userbase to continue growing.

Below is an infographic of the most recent Scorum Roadmap.

My Questions:

Why a mobile app when we don't even have the user base to appreciate it?

Why no additional sports before Summer when Soccer won't even be in play?

The sportsbook has a beautiful design and premise, changing to a centralized sports book will simply change the model... but will it attain more users?

The priorities of the Scorum team are completely skewed. The order of these implements will simply drown the platform before doing anything beneficial for it!

I hate to say it, but it almost feels like the team bailed on us. Why is so much SCR being sold and why have there been no proper changes to increase outreach? It's been months since BetScorum's release and we've received maybe two updates. I just can't keep believing in something that gives nothing back...

It is understandable that all the ETH fund raised for Scorum lost all of its value instantaneously with the shape of the market late last year... but for there to be no updates from the team, no community events, no side projects or promotions, no additional sports, and the allowance of the SCR token to dwindle slowly into nothingness is very, very worrisome.

I really really tried to spread the word on this place, but it's almost a slap in the face with how little updates we receive. I feel like we are in a beautiful high rise building collapsing slowly, and I sure as hell won't be here when it crashes.

If you care about Scorum, leave a comment on what we can do as a community.. and what the team can do. I am completely exasperated; I've thought about my future on this platform and the last 11 months of my life really believing in this product, but it's more than FUD now.. it's a sad reality.