With the NBA draft tonight and the eventual Summer Olympics coming up, it's on Scorum to be a relevant force in sports media and blogging from this point onward.

Vlad responded to my former post (composed of overall sadness and disdain for SCR's plummeting value) and this morning claimed more sports are coming soon!

The next post from the Scorum team will be the most vital to our future; although these posts may take up precious time from the team's schedule, it is worth ten fold to the community because of how it reassures our user base that things are in motion...

Upward and onward used to be the feeling around this place, it was more FOMO than anything when I scurried to put posts out and reveled in having my fight pieces appreciated. Now my posting is sporadic, and my faith is shortchanged.

I have blamed myself at times for spreading FUD around this place and I do have some influence and I am recognized as a serious proponent of Scorum's intentions... thing thing is, I'm not wrong to feel what I did.

My motivation to thrive here slowly builds with the price of SCR surging forward and even Vlad responding to me today. It is these small instances that can create serious motivation for those lacking some hope in regards to the future of this platform.

Scorum still is the most polished and well designed sports platform in the cryptoverse. Regardless of blogging, betting, or just being a user.. there is no dispute that anything sports (on-chain) has had a serious precedent set by Scorum's overall UI and roadmap.

I will never abandon Scorum, but I will kick and scream a bit so things get done. I believe the outcry of support from the community along with the massive dip in token value has reignited for the team and our community.. we need to attack the reality of what's happening and improve it; miracle is just another word for hard work and a little luck!

Also, please hold on to your SCR. There are a lot of transfers through dummy accounts and SCR being traded away... it's just so value-less to do such things. Help yourself, help the platform.. save your SCR, use it in BetScorum.. just don't trade it away, not yet.