Ever since yesterday I've noticed this user will flag my posts regardless of reason.

He is marking my post as low quality but that just isn't so.. he also only flags me which is strange. I am all for flagging and downvoting bad content, but I spend time on my fight pieces and quality isn't something I think I'm lacking in.

I've upset a lot of people on this platform with the things I've said and my actions, but I stand by everything and I won't be targetted like this. Flag me because I bring bad content to the platform.. don't flag me over a difference in opinion.

I'm honestly disgusted at this pathetic and cowardly way of getting back at me. Obviously someone is butthurt at things I've said, and @unchained obviously purchased a good deal of SCR and cares about the platform.. but this is just lame.

Show yourself unchained.. explain why you're flagging me. My last piece was solid quality, length, and told a story. Who are you and what did I do to you?