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As you know, Scorum.tc started broadcasting 3 months ago. The Turkish community is still very small. Only several writers are constantly writing. If you will read and vote Turkish Authors our community will grow. Please read and follow Turkish writers writing in English.

990 million people live in our country. 60 million people are interested in sports. There are 3 million licensed sportsmen (Amateur and Professional). We would like to draw Turkey's attention to this site. If we can achieve this, scr will gain value.

We write high quality articles in Turkish. We don't have enough SP in our community. Therefore, good articles do not get the deserved vote. We support us...

List of Turkish Authors (They can write English Language)

You can read the English articles of these authors. Don't forget to follow please 😃

Of Course @canan 😍

You can read my articles. I write everything about sport. You can read my articles. I write everything about sport. Some times I organise a competition. These are some of my articles.

Golf Balls Flying In The Air (You can vote 😃 )

100 SCR Büyük Ödüllü Video Yarışması (100 SCR Grand Prize Video Competition Event finished. You can't vote ☹️ )

🆘 Turkish Community Needs Support! 🆘 (You can't vote ☹️ )

⚠️ A History Course Of 657 Years KIRKPINAR Oil Wrestling Festival ⚠️ (You can't vote ☹️ )

Top Mistake in Sports Betting Online (You can't vote ☹️ )

Arbitrage Sports Betting Tips (You can't vote ☹️ )

How To Hit A Topspin Serve (You can't vote ☹️ )

How to do Pivot Turn (You can't vote ☹️ )

Basketball Defense Basics (You can't vote ☹️ )

I Think The Best Author in Turkish Community @cayelispor53

You must read his articles. He deserves support.

Premier League Week 8 Matches and Fantasy Football (You can vote 😃 )

Champions League Results and Fantasy Football (You can vote 😃 )

Champions League Week 2 and My Fantasy Football Team (You can vote 😃 )

The Benefits of Doing Sports (You can't vote ☹️ )

@machupicchu's Articles

Another good author. You must read him. He often writes about match analysis.

EFL CUP / Chelsea beat Liverpool at Anfield (You can't vote ☹️ )

Chelsea's first point loss (You can't vote ☹️ )

West Ham United vs Chelsea Preview (You can't vote ☹️ )

In fact, some of our authors only write English articles. But we don't know them at because they don't write on Scorum.tc. Please support us. This is good for all Scorum writers.

We never forget the good that has been done to us. Thank you.

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