I signed up for the Scorum Block in August. For about five months, I've been writing regularly on the Scorum block. I'll have a few ideas to make the scorum block better. Can these be done? I do not know. Because I'm not a programmer. I am a teacher but I think the scorum block will be better if my ideas can be done. My suggestions as follows;

Article Titles and Centering

Writing a new post,I want the headings to be centered. But, the system doesn't that do it. To make our articles look more pleasant and beautiful, I think this should be.

I gave an example in the picture below to realise this. First I wrote the center by using the space key. I recorded this. When I clicked on the post again, system title is written from average. You can see it by doing the same.

Adding The SCR Price To The Block

The Scorum block's own crypto currency is SCR. From our articles, we receive our gains in the system as SCR. Therefore, SCR is very important in the system. Currently, SCR is traded on crypto money exchanges, although not so much. The traded stock exchanges are HOTBIT and OpenLedger. SCR traded on these exchanges and we learn the price of SCR from these exchanges. Or we can learn the price of SCR over ScorumCoins.

I have a suggestion for that. As shown in the picture above; SCR price link can be added. When we click on this link, we can see the price of the exchanges where the SCR is traded. For example;

SCR Price:


OpenLedger: $ 3,5

ScorumCoins: $ 3,2 It could be that way.

Chat Should Be Inside The System

We use discord and telegram channels to chat with our friends and share our articles in Scorum Block. I think the chat environment like facebook should be added to the scorum block. This way, we can see who our friends are up to date.Without the need for other chat channels, we can chat with our friends and share our articles with them. I hope the system will be more beautiful with the arrival of this feature.

These are my suggestions for the development of the Scorum block. You can specify whether you agree with me in comments. If you have different suggestions you can write them.