Hello Scorum!

My name is Volkan. I am from Turkey and I am 35 years old. I'm new on this platform. I am still trying to learn about Scorum and I am working on adapt on Scorum. I am sorry but, this is a 'introduceyourself' or 'introducemyself' type post. I felt that I need to write this post before becoming fully compatible.

Thoughts about Crypto Coins and Scorum

I believe the Crypto Coins will change the world. As a fan of cryptos, I can say the cryptos are most important invention in 2000s.

When I first heard about Scorum, I want to be in this platform immediately. Because it is a Sports media platform and everybody likes sports. Everybody has words to say about sports. So, if people come to here and start to be active here, it becomes wonderful for all of us. Because we have win-win situation here. So I decided to invest some .

Invest on Scorum

I invested 10k SCR and I converted it to SP.

I wish I heard Scorum one or two months ago because SCR was too cheap. So I could buy more SCR with the same price.

But, if SCR price goes down, I want to buy more and make my account more powerful. I wish my account become 100k SP in future.

Guess the Price : Why not more than 1$

Yes, you might be think I am too optimistic but Scorum has the potential. It is not a dream and in the near future it will be .I have faith on that.

Upvote Choices and Contests

I want to use this platform very active. I made a priority upvote list for myself.

I will try to %80-%100 upvote for all upvoters & comments for my posts.

I will try to do contests which I can upvote %80-%100 for all participans.

I will try to support newcomers.

So I want you to keep in touch. Follow, upvote and comment for being upvoted.

Thanks a lot...